Dude . . . Bill & Ted (and Rufus!) Swicherz
(the Switchable Stickable) are here!!!



They're unlike anything you've seen before . . . this is one of those creations that makes you wonder "Why hasn't anyone thought of this before?"  Well, it's being done now!  Swicherz founder Tom Viscount had a burst of inspiration while snowboarding in the Sierras.  He realized that everyone decorates their boards with stickers but the only time you can see this personalization is when you are able to look down at the surface of the board itself because the stickers are flat.  He wondered why no one had ever thought of creating something three-dimensional to decorate their boards . . . thus the idea for Swicherz was born!

Although Swicherz were originally created for the action sports market (with the idea of putting the 3-D stickers on snowboards, skateboards, surfboards and the like) it soon became obvious that this new idea could really cross over into any market!  Swicherz can go anywhere and decorate anything!  As more and more Swicherz are created the phenomenon grows . . . now there are a wide variety of characters and styles you can get to switch your Swicherz with!  And joining this ever-growing group are Bill & Ted.  Swicherz has developed figures of Bill S. Preston, Esquire, Ted "Theodore" Logan and the most excellent Rufus for their collection!  Not bad!!!

They Stick, They Switch, They're Switcherz!


Not only are Swicherz cool 3D stickers but they're *interchangeable*!  This is what makes Swicherz truly unique!  Every Swicherz figure comes with a base which you can stick anywhere.  But every Switchers figure fits into the same size base, so you can switch your Swicherz any time you like with just a quarter turn!  Switch Bill on your computer with the Ted on your skateboard!  Switch Rufus on your desk with the Bill on your electric guitar!  Or switch your Bill & Ted Swicherz with any other Swicherz figure!  It's that simple!


We want to know where you've stuck your Bill & Ted Swicherz!!!
Sent us a photo of your Bill & Ted Swicherz today for a special Swicherz gallery
we will present here in the near future!  We want to see unique and unusual
ideas where fans can stick their Swicherz, so use your imaginations!

E-mail your photos to us here (.jpg, .gif or .bmp files please).
And please, babes and dudes, don't stick your Swicherz to anything
you don't personally own, as that would not be excellent at all.



Bill & Ted's Excellent Online Adventure: How did you come up with the idea to do Bill & Ted Swicherz?

Steve: We were looking for a property that would allow us to create a real high quality figure for Swicherz.  We're fans of the movie and thought they'd be a great way to stretch the envelope.  They're just really cool characters.

B&TEOA: How and where can Swicherz be used?

Steve: Swicherz are the worlds first 3D sticker.  You can stick them on any flat surface like your car, motorcycle, computer, surfboard etc. and then when you want to change the top just switch it out.

B&TEOA: There are Swicherz for Bill, Ted and Rufus, which is great!  Was there ever any thought of doing any other Bill and Ted characters as Swicherz as well?

Steve: We haven't considered it yet, but if the market is there for them we'll certainly consider it.

B&TEOA: The collector's set is an inspired idea!  Who came up with the design of the phone booth box and the idea of doing a set like this?

Steve: Our designer Jonathan Cathey thought up the idea.  He mocked up a box and when we saw it we thought hey that's pretty tight.

B&TEOA: Bill and Ted changed the world for the better through their music.  Will the world be a better place now that we have Swicherz, too?

Steve: Don't know if it will make the world a better place but it sure can't hurt.

B&TEOA: Which is your favorite Bill and Ted movie?

Steve: I'm still partial to the first movie.

B&TEOA: Can you give us an idea what else we might see as Swicherz in the future (Bill & Ted related or otherwise)?

Steve: We're launching a full line of Marvel Heroes, we currently have Sonic X, Terminiator and a bunch of our own designs like I.M Buddy Figures Buddy Hedz, ICONZ and some very cool Ducks.  We're also launching Killer Klownz and a line of smiling dinozaurs.  You can see them all on our website www.swicherz.com.