The Register's Teen Panel Rates
'Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey'

Leslie - 11th grade - Woodbridge High

Screening date: July 20.

Screening location: Edwards Tustin Marketplace.

Capsule review: "Excellent!"  No, not excellent.  As summer sequels go, though, this one is pretty good.  It had all the mindless fun of the first Bill and Ted adventure with a bit of good vs. evil thrown in for good measure.  Really, how many movies can boast that they show you heaven, hell and San Dimas all in one place?

Coolest moment: When Bill & Ted have to challenge Death at various games to win another chance at life on Earth.

Dumbest moment: All of the scenes with the ugly alien creatures called Station were stupid.

Who did you like the best in the movie and why?  I liked Death, because he ended up having more personality than anyone.

One a scale of 1-5, rate how much other teens will like this movie: 3 1/2.


Ernesto - 12th grade - Ocean View High

Screening date: July 20.

Screening location: Edwards Charter Centre.

Capsule review: Not the best film of the year.  A non-triumphant movie.  They spent far too much on lame-looking sets and special effects while making the story too complicated (for this movie anyway.)  They should have just kept it stupid, simple and appealing like the first one.  Bogus.  That should explain everything.

Coolest moment: The scenes when Bill and Ted played games with Death for their lives were the most entertaining.

Dumbest moment: The scenes when Bill, Ted and their new-found bud, Death, went to heaven and scoped out the place for this Martian scientist was totally lame.

Who did you like the best in the movie and why?  Alex Winter must have downed a six-pack of Jolt cola for this movie.  He was totally up, while Keanu Reeves seemed like he wanted to be somewhere else.

One a scale of 1-5, rate how much other teens will like this movie: 2.


Heather - 10th grade - Century High School

Screening date: July 19.

Screening location: Edwards South Coast.

Capsule review: This movie is the sequel of "Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure," and although it doesn't have as many excellents in the dialogue, it is just as funny, if not more so.  There is no sophistication in this movie; there doesn't have to be.  It's meant to be a good time and is exactly that.

Coolest moment: The coolest moment is definitely the scene in which Bill and Ted have to beat Death in a game to be able to leave hell.  This is definitely the funniest part.

Dumbest moment: Come on, let's face it.  How could you have a dumbest moment in this movie?  Even the slow parts of Bill and Ted's journey made you laugh.  You are bound to smile the whole way through.

Who did you like the best in the movie and why?  My favorite character was Death.  If Death is so much fun and such a cool guy, then people really don't have anything to worry about.

One a scale of 1-5, rate how much other teens will like this movie: 4.


Kristina - 10th grade - Santa Margarita High

Screening date: July 19.

Screening location: Orange Cinedome.

Capsule review: A few years after their "Excellent Adventure," Bill and Ted are still having problems.  Their band, Wyld Stallyns, seems to be going nowhere, not helped by the fact that they don't really know how to play.  They also want to marry their girlfriends, the medieval babes from 15th century England, but can't afford to.  Therefore, they need to win the battle of the bands contest so they can get married, become rock stars, bring world peace and create a new society.  This might be a problem since an evil teacher from the future, Nomolos De Nomolos, has sent two clones of our heroes back to 1991 to break up the band and kill Bill & Ted so De Nomolos will be the ruler in the future.  The robots carry out their instructions, but not even Death can keep Bill and Ted down.  They journey to hell, where they meet up with their worst nightmares, challenge the Grim Reaper for their souls and go to heaven, where God allows then to come back to life.

Coolest moment: The Grim Reaper always had believed that he could easily overtake any challenger, but Bill and Ted's challenge was not quite what he expected.  Bill and Ted playing Battleship, Clue, table football and Twister for their souls was easily the most enjoyable part in the whole film.

Dumbest moment: If you think about it, you realize that the whole movie is pretty dumb, but you're not supposed to think.  You're supposed to just sit back and enjoy it, which you do.

Who did you like the best in the movie and why?  That was a toughie.  I pretty much liked every character, but the Reaper stood out for having not quite the personality one would expect from the Angel of Death.

One a scale of 1-5, rate how much other teens will like this movie: 4 1/2.


Anthony - 12th grade - Trabuco Hills High

Screening date: July 21.

Screening location: Edwards Mission Viejo Mall.

Capsule review: "Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey" is truly a heinous film.  This sequel lacks the spontaneity of the original; it is a cheap imitation.  The actions of Bill & Ted seem cliched.  "Bogus Journey" pales in comparison to the original.

Coolest moment: After their "death" at the hands of evil robot clones, Bill and Ted must face the Grim Reaper.  They must beat him at games of their choice.  They pick Battleship.  The Grim Reaper refuses to lose, so they must play more games, such as Twister, table hockey, etc. until they finally are released from the childish Reaper.

Dumbest moment: When Bill and Ted journey to hell.  They must face their fears.  Although Bill's fear of his grandmother's kiss is realistic, I just can't imagine Ted's malevolent Easter Bunny.

Who did you like the best in the movie and why?  The Grim Reaper added humor to the film.  He was as selfish as a little kid.  Whether he was dressed up as a lady in heaven or a rocking member of Bill and Ted's band, he was quite enjoyable.

One a scale of 1-5, rate how much other teens will like this movie: 1.