Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter!

"Yes, we were kindergarten friends: Mrs. Smith's class . . . yeah, that's it!" chuckles Mr. Winter.

Even though he's teasing, it would be no surprise if these talented actors had known each other all their lives!  The director of Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey, Pete Hewitt, sums up the unique relationship that Keanu and Alex enjoy both on and off screen.

"Everyone at some point in their lives has had a friend they can just look at without saying anything to and find they know exactly what the other is thinking," declares Pete.


The director's friendly observation certainly rings true for these two Hollywood stars!  Just like "Bill" and "Ted," Keanu and Alex confide that they often complete each other's sentences and say the exact same things at the same time!

When it comes right down to it, Keanu, who lives in California's Hollywood Hills, and Alex, who calls Venice Beach, California, his home, get along just famously!

"It turns out Alex and I have a lot of common interests," confides Keanu, who was born on September 2, 1964.

Zooming Around!

These dudes both own 1974-era motorcycles and love the indescribable feeling they get when zooming around town on the vintage bikes.

And just like their characters, Keanu and Alex are totally into the music scene, and both play the bass guitar!  Although "Bill" and "Ted" are prone to jammin' on imaginary "air guitars" wherever they go, their true-life counterparts enjoy playing the real McCoy!

Another topic these pals like to talk about is their diverse backgrounds.  Both are transplanted United States residents!  Keanu was born in the exotic locale of Beirut, Lebanon, while Alex entered the world by way of jolly old London, England!

World Travelers!

Keanu's parents moved him from Beirut to Australia to New York City before they finally settled down in Toronto, Canada.  Alex, on the other hand, spent the first five years in London, and then lived for the next six years in St. Louis, Missouri, eventually landing in the Big Apple himself!  Whew!

So it is obvious that, like "Bill" and "Ted," Keanu and Alex are "like two dudes in a pod," as Keanu would put it!  But in what ways are these two cuties not like their characters?

Two Brainy Guys!

For one, Keanu and Alex have much more brainpower than their fictional counterparts.  Blue-eyed Alex attended college at a New York film school and is well-known in the show biz industry for his expertise in writing, directing and producing short films!  And unlike "Bill," who would much rather party all night and sleep the day away, Alex is an early riser who is constantly on the go.  In fact, this July 16, 1965 birthday boy confesses to being a workaholic!

A Real Fireball!

Keanu, whose character "Ted" is a bit slow-thinking, is a fireball in real life!  Ambitious could be this brown-haired guy's middle name, as you can see by the work he has churned out this year alone.  (Besides Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey, Keanu is starring in the upcoming surf flick Point Break and in My Own Private Idaho with River Phoenix at the end of the year.)

"Acting is the only thing that keeps me quiet," smiles this brown-eyed honey.  "If I'm not acting, I'm bouncing off the walls!"

Keanu also differs from "Ted" in the sense that "Ted" has no interest in books or education, while Keanu is an avid reader!  You see, this lad of Hawaiian, Chinese and English descent dropped out of school in the 12th grade to pursue an acting career, and now, regretting his lack of education, is teaching himself!