Photo of Will Robbins (dressed as Socrates) with Traci Dawn Davis (as Cleopatra)
Originally the final report was to be given in the classroom with the cool kids dressing up as
historical figures for their report.  The scene was later changed to take place in the auditorium.

Our Exclusive Q&A with Will (Ox) Robbins

If you wish, could you give us a little preliminary information about yourself and what you were doing in your life at the time Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure came along?
I was in school at ASU, doing the usual crazy college kid thing.  I am from Scottsdale so I didn't have to travel to far to go to school.  I wasn't paying to much attention to the books when I read for B&T.

How did you get the part of Ox in the movie?  Was it a casting call or through an agent or some other way?

A family friend called my sister to audition for one of the cheerleaders.  My mom had asked If I could drive my sister Laura to the audition, and while I was there one of the casting people told me I look like an "OX".  I wasn't sure what she had meant till I read for the part.  I ended up reading a few times for Steven Herek, and some 6 months later I was told I got the part.  My sister is still mad at me.  Oh and I should say that the family friend is Gay Gilbert local casting agent in Arizona, one of the nicest people you will ever meet.

Were a majority of the extras and other "bit" players also from Arizona?

Yes I think so.  I know that the four of us were.  A couple of the key's were local as well but I can not remember off hand which ones.  Maybe (Duncan Mcleod)?

You didn't have any actual scenes with George Carlin.  Did you get to meet him during the course of the filming at all?
If I remember correctly there were a few days in the high school where he was around.  I did get a chance to have a few drinks with him and the crew at the swanky Holiday Inn on Mill Avenue.

What was it like working with Keanu and Alex and director Stephen Herek?
Alex and Keanu were terrific, I actually got them to go out to a few local college bars and even though the college crowd was not their "scene" we had a good time anyway.  I also had just bought a new motorcycle that was close to the same model Keanu had at home, so he spent a bit of time riding around the lot, until production got wind and pulled him off the bike.  They were just like many of us at that age, having a good time, enjoying what was going on around them.  Nice people over all.

Could you tell us something about the "missing scenes" . . . the confrontation with Bill & Ted, the final exam in the classroom and the prom?
We had one scene at the start of the film where we confront Bill and Ted in the parking lot of school, and push them around and make fun of them, etc.  We were not used in the prom scene, and I had only heard about it from a friend who was an extra that day.  The original ending had us giving our speeches in the classroom which was funny.  But the writers came back a few weeks later and decided to put more production into the scene, added some concert lighting and props.  Which gave them a chance to do more with the historical dudes, and make it a much bigger ending.  In example Genghis (Al Leong) would not have been able to do his martial arts display, as well with Joan of Arc (Jane Wiedlin).

Your character "Ox" was one in a group of four "cool" kids who originally had more of a presence in the movie.  Are you still friends with any of the others "students" you acted with?  And were any of you disappointed when some of your character's scenes were cut?
I really never ran into any of the other four again.  Most of us were in school at the time.  Jodi (Traci) was an actual cheerleader for ASU, also very involved with theater and dance programs outside of school.  I did get a chance to see her a few times after filming.  Steve and Anne are still in the Phoenix area I think.  Yes I guess everyone would hope that you don't get cut out of a scene, but I think the writers decided not to develop that side of the story.

Overall, what was it like working on the set of "Excellent Adventure?"
Had a great time, it was a fun set no big egos.  The crew was great and I got paid to have fun with my friends and act like a big dumb jock (not too much of a stretch for me!  : )

Are there any memorable experiences which happened during the filming which have stayed with you?
I think the overall seeing production from a talent's (actor's) perspective I will never forget.  The whole experience was memorable.  I doubt if I will ever get a chance to do it again, but it was fantastic.

Was it your experiences on the set of this film which encouraged you to continue to work in the film industry?
Partly, I knew that I would never be a big actor, so I found an area that kept my interest over the years, which is Visual Effects.  I now work behind the scenes.

Tell us something about your visual effects company.  How did you go from acting to production work?  And let us know which projects you have in the works so we can watch for them!
I met my company partner while working on one of the last Batman projects.  We decided we could do a much better job working for ourselves, so we kind of formed the company around Armageddon.  BlackBox Digital, we are a graphic design house that has ventured into the visual effects arena.  We started out doing just overall graphic design for features and TV, also interactive screens for movies such as Armageddon and Enemy of the State.  We are now doing 2D composting and roto work and some minor 3D elements for features.  We are currently on our 3rd effects movie called Simone.  We also have just finished AI and Minority Report.  It has taken us about four or five years to get here but the challenge is fun.

Since this Q&A was done in 2002, Black Box Digital has worked on such films as The Prince and Me, Hellboy, Bee Season, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, The Island, Mission: Impossible 3 and Deja Vu.

Since our interview, Will has worked on the movies Mission: Impossible III, Click, Deja Vu, Stomp the Yard, Deception and Untraceable.

For more information about BlackBox Digital, visit their website by clicking here.

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