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Birth year: 1949
Birthplace: Malta
Sometimes billed as: Terrence or Terrance Camilleri

Biography from 1989 Excellent Adventure Press Kit

A native of Australia, he is fluent in five languages and has appeared in films, theatre and television in several countries.  Among his more recent films are "In the Mood," "Dutch Treat," "Let?s Get Harry," "Superman III," "Back Roads," "The Cars That Ate Paris" and "Money Moves."  His many television credits include "Hard Copy," "Hill Street Blues," "Heart of the City" and the miniseries "The Immigrants."

Updated Biography

Terry Camilleri continues to act, making appearances in films such as The Truman Show (remember the guy in the bathtub?), The Gift (which also featured Keanu Reeves), Gigli, and Hey DJ.

His television appearances include roles in episodes of Renegade, NYPD Blue, Pacific Blue and JAG.

Terry recently had roles in the short film Fishy, The Virgin of Juarez and the surreal comedy Wil.  Projects he has scheduled for 2009 include an appearance in the Australian TV series Carla Carnetti, PD and roles in the movies Sacrifice, Knowing and Coffin Rock.

Last updated: 2/17/09

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