New Boys on the TV Beat!

Evan Richards
teen0991a.jpg (58398 bytes)Series: "Bill and Ted?s Excellent Adventures"
Character: Bill S. Preston (as a blonde!)
Birthday: March 26, 1970
Born and raised in: Los Angeles, Calif.
Pets: Scarlet, a black doberman, and Holden, a shepherd
First acting gig: A Pampers commercial
Credits: Numerous!  The son in both the movie and TV series "Down and Out in Beverly Hills"; The Dream Machine with Corey Haim, Rock n? Roll High Forever, Little Feet for the Discovery Channel, and most recently Midnight Fear with David Carradine; the lead in the Broadway production of Copperfield at 10
Aspirations: To continue acting and to expand into writing, directing and producing.  He currently has an original screenplay optioned by a movie studio.

Christopher Kennedy
teen0991b.jpg (44770 bytes)Series: "Bill and Ted?s Excellent Adventures"
Character: Theodore "Ted" Logan (sic)
Birthday: July 20, 1968
Born and grew up in: Toronto, Ont., Can., then New York to study at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, where we one of 50 (out of 300!) to finish the program.
Sports interest: Karate, horseback riding, soccer, roller-skating
Jobs he?s held to pay for acting classes: Dog walker (at 8), bus boy (at 13), house painter and paralegal
Previous acting experience: Parts in "Top Cops" and "My Secret Identity"; many stage appearances; the voice of Ted for the new "Bill and Ted" animated series.

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