An "Excellent" Chat with "Bill & Ted?s" Chris Kennedy!

There?s nothing "bogus" about our personal q & a with a really cute, super talented actor who stars on the new Fox TV show Bill & Ted?s Excellent Adventures, based on the movie!

SuperTeen: Tell us about your character.

Chris Kennedy: I play "Ted," short for "Theodore" Logan.  I?m not necessarily a surf or valley dude, but somewhere in between . . . kind of crazy!  Both Ted and Bill [played by Evan Richards] are really endearing.  They are always trying to do good, except they mess up a lot!

ST: So it?s a takeoff of the movie, right?

Chris: Yes . . . we travel through time . . . We also have part-time jobs in the series.  I work in a hardware store!

ST: Has it been a good experience?

Chris: Yes.  This is my first comedy.  I?m usually cast in dramas, that kind of thing.  To be Ted is kind of funny . . .  When I saw the original movie for the first time it just cracked me up!

ST: Have you always wanted to be an actor?

Chris: Yes, I always wanted to be, but I didn?t tell anyone.  I was too scared.  I never really considered being in the business until after I got out of school.  I actually walked down the street and saw this movie and I thought, ?I have to do that,? and I started taking acting classes at a good theatre.  People said that I had potential . . .

ST: Do you enjoy acting?

Chris: I love it!  I act because I have fun.

ST: If yon could pick a character to play, who would it be?

Chris: Robin Hood!  He was always a hero to me . . . everyone liked Superman and Batman, but I like Tarzan and Robin Hood!  I also like Gene Kelly.

ST: Do you dance?

Chris: Yes.  A bit of ballet, a bit of modern, shaking it up at clubs!

ST: What kind of music do you like?

Chris: You know how people say "everything?"  Well, it?s something like that - I like classical, then I?ll listen to Hendrix, then Sinatra, mood music all in the same day!

S.T.: Can you sing?

Chris: No - but I wish I could!  I have other actor friends who will sit there, grab a guitar and play . . .  But I can?t sing, no matter what.  I admire people who can.

ST: Any hobbies?

Chris: I collect boxer shorts.  I have close to 100 pairs!

ST: When?s your birthday?

Chris: July 20, 1968.  That?s my age - I?ll be 24 - and that?s who I am!  Ted is just a character I do, a total character.  I don?t even use my own voice!

ST: Any other pastimes?

Chris: I love the outdoors.  I love to go hiking and camping.

ST: Tell us about your hometown of Toronto, Canada.

Chris: It?s changing.  It?s big - about 3 million people.  It?s very clean and safe, a young, rich city.  There are some amazing restaurants and tons of theatres.  It?s beautiful in the spring and fall . . .

ST: How do you like to dress?

Chris: Cowboy boots and bandanas . . .  I have a lot of blazers, vests, jeans . . .

ST: Where do you see your career in 10 years?

Chris: I?d like to be in film . . .

ST: What do you look for in a girl?

Chris: Someone who is their own person, someone with an incredible personality, someone beautiful, one of the guys - who wears jeans and T-shirts, someone with a sense of humor who I don?t have to hide a thing from.

ST: Are you romantic?

Chris: Yes, well somewhere in between.  I usually have long relationships.  I?d love to share my life with someone, someone who I can hang out with and be best friends with.  That?s important!

ST: Do you want a family someday?

Chris: Down the road, definitely.  I would love to have it all!


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