Wyld Stallyns Forever

Written by: Zack Attack

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San Dimas, 2708

The world is almost in mass destruction, wars and disasters everywhere.  It wasn't supposed to be like this.  It's all due to the splitting of the Wyld Stallyns.  See, they broke up in 2013.  Bill and Ted, the Two Great Ones decided to settle down.  Their sons, Ted Preston and Bill Logan decided to become businessmen instead of carrying on the outstanding music of Wyld Stallyns.  Will the band ever get back together?

* * * * * * * * * * * *

San Dimas, 2020

"Bill!  Bill!  Where are you honey?" cried Joanna.

"I'm in here Joanna, watching the time where me and Ted won the battle of the bands, where apparently, we saved the world." Bill replied.

"Why do you keep watching that?  It always gets you down.  If you miss Ted so much why don't we go visit him?"

"No, no.  He probably doesn't want to talk to me.  I mean we're still good friends and all but I don't answer his phone calls anymore."

"Good friends?  You're family.  The only time we see each other is on Thanksgiving and Christmas.  If you won't call them, I will." She picked up the phone and called.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Ring!  Ring!

"Ted!  Could you get that for me, I'm out in the garden!" said Elizabeth.

"Ok" Ted answered.  "Hello?"

"Hey Ted!  This is Joanna!  How are you and Lizzy?"

"Joanna!  My most excellent sister-in-law!  We're great!  We're just doing some work around the house.  How are you and Bill?"

"We're good." she replied.  "The reason why I called is, we thought we'd come visit you and Lizzy."

"Yeah!  That sounds excellent!  Anytime!" Ted replied.

"Ok!  We'll be there tomorrow!  Catch ya later!" said Jo.

"Be excellent to each other!" said Ted.

"Party on dude!" replied Jo.

"Hey Lizzy!" Ted screamed.  "Bill and Jo are comin' over tomorrow!"

"Ok!  Well, I'm glad we decided to fix up the house today!" replied Elizabeth.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

San Dimas, 2708

"You called me Important Ones?" asked Rufus.

"Yes Rufus.  As you have noticed that our excellent society isn't so excellent anymore.  So we need you to travel back to 2020 and convince the Wyld Stallyns to get back together.  Or our society will turn bogus." they replied.

"I will not fail." answered Rufus.  All of a sudden, a phone booth appeared.  Rufus then stepped inside it.

"Be excellent to each other." he said.

"Party on, dude." they answered.  Rufus dialed some numbers, then an antenna popped up, there was a flash, and he was gone.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Ding Dong.

Ted and Lizzy answered the door.

"Bill, Joanna!  How excellent to see you!" they said.

"Same to you guys.  You have a most outstanding house!" Bill said.

"Thank you!  Come in!" Elizabeth replied.  Bill and Joanna stepped inside.  There were records and guitars all over the walls.

"Sit down guys." said Elizabeth.  "I'll get us some snacks.  Jo!  Can you help me in the kitchen?"

Joanna got up and went in the kitchen.  There was a long silence as Bill and Ted stared at each other.

"So...." said Ted.  "Did you catch that Van Halen concert rerun on TV last night?"

"Yeah!  It was most bodacious!" answered Bill.

"So you still love rock music dude?" asked Ted.

"Of course dude!" Bill replied.

"Excellent!" they both said as they air guitared.  Ding Dong.

"I wonder who that is?' asked Ted puzzled.  "Rufus!  How's it hangin' dude?"

"Greetings my excellent friends!" said Rufus.

"How have you been Rufus?" asked Bill.

"I've been great!  But the future I can't say is the same.  Our society is falling, and the world is in chaos.  It all has to do with the splitting of the Wyld Stallyns." answered Rufus.

"So, the future's all screwed up... because of us?" asked Ted.

"I'm afraid so, Theodore." replied Rufus.  "I'd like you gentlemen to come with me."

"Can we come too?" asked Joanna and Elizabeth.

"Of course ladies."  So they all stepped into the time booth.

"Haven't been in here in for a while." said Bill.  There was a flash, and the booth was dragged down.  They flew through the circuits of time, and soon they reached their destination.

* * * * * * * * * * * *


The world was dark, and in flames.  There were also robots going around, torturing people.

"Woah!  This is bogus!" said Bill.

"Most heinous!" said Ted.

"Yes, you see, ever since Wyld Stallyns broke up, the world has gone down in flames." Rufus replied.

"No way!" said the group.

"Yes way." answered Rufus.

"Halt!" said a man dressed in black armor.  He also had glasses like Cyclops in X-Men.  He spoke into his communicator.

"We found the Two Wanted Ones." A voice spoke back at him.

"Excellent!  Bring them here dudes!"  Two guards came up behind them and led them on.  Finally, they reached a huge castle with a face of their leader on it.  It was the face of Chuck de Nomolos, their arch nemesis.

A voice on the speaker on the gate came on.  "State your number dude!"

"Number 0159," answered the guard.  The gates opened and they went inside.  It was dark inside and very cold.

"Welcome to my future Insipid Ones," said a voice.  A light came on and it showed Nomolos' face.  Plus two other faces, Evil Bill and Ted.

"Rufus how nice to see you.  Take him away guards!" Rufus looked at the guys.  "Remember dudes, the future is what you make it.  I know you'll find some way out of this mess."  Then the guards pushed Rufus forward into darkness.

"What do you want with us Chuck?" asked Bill.

"First of all" said Nomolos. "It's not "Chuck" it's Nomolos de Nomolos, and you are wanted for bringing rock music to its peak.  Now I am going to destroy you!"  Nomolos then pulled out a big blaster.

"Bogus!" said the dudes.  Suddenly, there was a big flash.  Out stepped two figures.

"I'm Ted S. Preston, Esq!" said one figure.

"And I'm Bill "William" Logan! said the other.

"And where the sons of the Wyld Stallyns!"  They leaped forward, and grabbed Nomolos' gun.  Evill Bill and Ted tried to tackle them, but they shot them and they blew into pieces.  They then tied up Nomolos.  Little Bill aimed the gun at him.  Then, he felt a hand on his shoulder.

"Don't do it Bill," said his father.  "Once we go back and fix this, this will be gone."  So they got into their phone booths and traveled back.

* * * * * * * * * * * *


"Alright guys I planned a gig for us at The House of Blues.  Because it's their 20th anniversary coming up this Friday."

The group looked at each other.  "Excellent!" (Air Guitar)

Friday night came, and the Stallyns we're getting ready to perform.  Bill and Ted grabbed their guitars, Joanna grabbed her drumsticks, and Elizabeth set up her keyboard.

"Can we jam with you guys?" asked Little Bill and Ted.

"Yah!" said the group.  They handed them two bass guitars, that they used to play when they were younger.  Then the curtained opened.  Thousands of people were there.  They screamed, "WYLD STALLYNS!  WYLD STALLYNS!"

"I'm Bill S. Preston Esq.!"

"I'm Ted "Theodore" Logan!"

"I'm Joanna Preston!"

"I'm Elizabeth Logan!"

"I'm Little Ted S. Preston Esq.!"

"And I'm Little Bill "William Logan!"


After the show a figure appeared.

"Greetings my excellent friends!"

They all looked at him.  "Rufus, you're alive dude!" said Ted.

"Yes." he replied.  As soon as you started playing, the future started changing.  Congratulations, boys.  Thank you.  Be excellent to eachother!"

"Party on, dude!" said the group.  Rufus climbed back into the time booth, and went back to the future.

"Well Bill," said Ted.

"Well Ted," said Bill.

"Wyld Stallyns are back together!" said Ted.

"Forever!" said Bill.  (Air Guitar)