Did you ever consider how cool it would be to have a good robot version of yourself to hang out with or play in your band?  Well here are step by step instructions on how you can have one of your very own!

Step 1: Get killed by an evil robot version of yourself

Step 2: Challenge Death to a game of chance and win
(hint: steer clear of chess and more towards Milton Bradley games)

Step 3: Have Death take you to Heaven and con your way into seeing God

Step 4: Follow God's directions to find a brilliant Martian scientist(s)

Step 5: Drive the Martian(s) to Builder's Emporium,
the worldly repository of all building materials

Step 6: Buy tons of stuff for the Martians to make your robot with

Step 7: Sit back and watch the sparks fly!  In no time you'll have your own robot version of yourself complete with radio control!



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