Sometimes credited as: Amy Stock

Biography from 1991 Bogus Journey Press Kit

AMY STOCK-POYNTON (Missy) recreates the role she first played in "Bill & Ted?s Excellent Adventure." Stock-Poynton has also played Fawn Hall in the TV movie "Guts and Glory: The Rise and Fall of Oliver North" and was featured in the movie-of-the-week, "Gunsmoke: The Last Apache."

Prior to that, she spent a season as a regular on the hit prime time drama, "Dallas."

Updated Biography

Since Excellent Adventure, Amy has appeared in the movies Beanstalk, The Little Death and The Perfect Nanny.  On television she has appeared in several made for TV Gunsmoke movies and the movie The Lake.

In 2001 Amy made a guest appearance on the British version of I Love the 80's, specifically 1988, to talk about Excellent Adventure.  She spoke of the movie with real affection and explained that "Missy was a very fun part to play because I didn't have a lot of responsibility in the film . . . I could just come on and have fun and giggle a little bit."  She went on to say "Sometimes it takes a very simple film like Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure to state something so plainly that we should all know . . . that we don't . . . but when it's stated that plainly we connect to it immediately and it becomes a warm part of our lives.  I think that's what a film should do . . . it should speak universally and Bill & Ted said be excellent to each other.  That's something to remember for always and ever."

Amy is slated to appear in the 2009 film The Strip.

Last updated: 2/17/09

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