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News Archive - 2011

December 3, 2011

Bah Humbug . . . . dude!

It's a much-beloved holiday tradition for Southern California residents . . . the retelling of Charles Dicken's perennial favorite, A Christmas Carol, live on stage in a musical extravaganza that would warm the chestnuts of any curmudgeon's heart!  For 30-plus years now, Hal Landon, Jr. has been performing the role of Ebenezer Scrooge in this delightful production and this year is no exception!  As we reiterate every year, if you have ANY chance of visiting Southern California this month and can possibly see this play, do not miss it!  Hal Landon, Jr.'s performance is a sheer delight!  He brings such energy and realism to the character of Scrooge which makes his incredible transformation in the end all the more surprising and wonderful!  So don't be a Scrooge yourself, dude . . . party on in Merry Old England with this outstanding show!

Click here to visit South Coast Repertory's Website!


November 5, 2011

Alex Winter to Appear at HorrorHound Weekend!

Alex Winter has been making appearances at various horror / sci-fi related conventions and movie screenings lately, giving fans the chance to finally come out and tell him how excellent he truly is one-on-one!  This coming weekend, Alex will be attending HorrorHound Weekend from November 11-13 at the Crowne Plaza Cincinnati North in Cincinnati, Ohio (Keanu fans, we know the Cincinnati song is already running through your heads!)  If you plan to be anywhere in the vicinity on that weekend, make plans to stop by the show and see Alex!  Other scheduled celebrity guests include Anthony Michael Hall, Michael Rooker, Ernie Hudson (and other Ghostbusters cast members,)  Sean Patrick Flanery, John Saxon and many, many more!  A most horror-filled, excellent time is guaranteed for all!

Click here to visit HorrorHound's Official Website!


August 13, 2011

Bill and Ted Time Lords?  No way!!!

We recently discovered this animated short on YouTube by the totally talented ToonSmyth and immediately fell in love!  Dr. Who's Excellent Adventure is a brilliant parody of time travel movies and television, featuring the latest incarnation of the Doctor meeting up with the Two Great Ones and later Marty McFly and Doc Brown from Back to the Future as well!  Sure B&T sound a bit British, but who cares?  The animation is hilarious and the jokes are terrific!  I mean, Bill & Ted riding on the back of Daleks as if they were amusement ride vehicles?  Non-non-NON-heinous!

Click here to watch Dr. Who's Excellent Adventure on YouTube!


July 2, 2011

This Artwork is Most Non-Bogus Indeed!

You may have seen the photos of this outstanding Bogus Journey poster on our Facebook group or on Alex Winter's Twitter page, but now you can own your very own copy!  The most totally talented Matt Tobin designed this very limited screen printed poster, featuring an excellent variety of characters and scenes from Bogus Journey, for the Spooky Empire convention which Alex Winter attended.  The print run is limited to 250 copies, so this will be a rare collectible indeed, made even moreso by the fact that Alex, Keanu, Ed and Chris own the first four copies!  Print #5 . . . well, that was signed by Alex Winter for the artist, Matt Tobin, himself, and you know he's not going to be giving THAT up any time soon!  Click the link below to order the poster for yourself and thanks to Matt for creating such an outstanding piece of memorabilia for the fans to own and enjoy!  Yes way!

Update: July 2!  We have now posted an exclusive interview with Matt Tobin!

Click here to order a copy of Matt Tobin's poster for yourself!

Click here to see the photo of Alex Winter signing Matt's copy!


June 21, 2011

The World is a Lot Less Excellent Now

It was with sadness we learned this week of the passing of THE Most Important Person in the Universe, the center dude, the most excellent musician and personage Clarence Clemons.  According to news reports, Mr. Clemons had suffered a stroke the previous weekend and died from complications on June 18th at the rather ironic age of 69 (dude!)  One of our favorite stories about "The Big Man" came courtesy of Jim Meyer, a swing-gang member who worked on Excellent Adventure.  We recounted his story this way in our Excellent Adventure Movie section, "The Aftermath:"

Excellent Adventure also became a lasting and memorable experience for those who worked on the film.  Swing gang member Jim Meyer recalled that years after the film's release he happened to spot Clarence Clemons near a hotel swimming pool.  Clarence stopped, pointed at Jim, and then gave him an exuberant air guitar.

We'll miss you, Big Man!

Click here to read NJ.com's story on Clarence Clemons


May 20, 2011

Is That Really Bill or Evil Robot Bill?

The most triumphant personage known as Quint from Ain't It Cool News (which happens to be a most outstanding website, by the way!) shared some photos this week sent to him by the one and only Alex Winter taken on location during the making of Excellent Adventure!  The first shot of Alex giving the photographer a one-finger salute appears to have been taken during the prehistoric pitstop portion of the movie, while the cast and crew shot below was taken on the set of Beethoven's chamber concert (although note that in the film they avoided showing the electric chandelier above since there was obviously no electricity in Beethoven's time!)  Quint promises similar photos from Alex from the set of Freaked and we totally look forward to seeing those as well!

Click here to see Alex's Behind-the-Scenes Photos!


May 7, 2011

It Will Be May-Hem in Orlando with Alex Winter!

We have learned that Alex Winter is scheduled to appear at Spooky Empire's May-Hem convention being held the weekend of May 27 - 29th, 2011 at the Wyndham Orlando Resort in Orlando, Florida.  Think of it as Halloween Horror Nights only earlier and better, since the con will feature lots of great guest stars (besides Alex, of course), including Anthony Michael Hall, Ted Raimi, Bruce Campbell and Sean Patrick Flanery!  A most terrifying time is guaranteed for all!

Check out Spooky Empire's May-Ham Convention Page!


April 9, 2011

How Can I Keep Up With All These B&T 3 Stories?

Since the possibility of a genuine third Bill & Ted film seems more and more legitimate all the time (albeit still some ways off in becoming an actual production!) we decided to set up a page which outlines the history so far of this highly anticipated venture which we hope beyond hope may actually amount to a full-blown production and actual big-screen movie one day!  Just click on the link below for all the information regarding the project so far, including Keanu's latest comments about possible plot points for the film!

Our Brand New Bill & Ted 3 Rundown Page!


February 5, 2011

Because Alex Winter is Certainly an Icon!

The outstanding personages at the website Icon vs. Icon, which covers "All Things Pop Culture," has posted a totally triumphant and detailed interview with Alex Winter!  Fielding questions about his career both in front of and behind the camera, Alex offers up some fascinating insight about becoming interested in filmmaking at a young age, working on The Lost Boys with the two Coreys, being recognized in public, his most pivotal film inspirations, the glut of current Hollywood remakes and his approach to directing the forthcoming The Gate in 3-D.  Plus he answers that burning question on everyone's mind (especially at this website) . . . will there be a Bill & Ted 3?  And trust us, you are going to want to read his answer!!

Click here to read Icon vs. Icon's Interview with Alex Winter


January 22, 2011

You'll Wish You Could Go See Death Wish 3!

As part of their New Cult Canon series, The A.V. Club Chicago will be hosting a special screening of the action film Death Wish 3 at the Music Box Theater on February 2nd, and Alex Winter will be appearing in person to answer questions about the film!  If you heard Alex's stories about the movie on his recent appearance at the Smodcastle, you'll know that he has plenty of hilarious tales to tell about the making of this particular movie!  So if you're going to be in the vicinity of the Windy City around that time, be sure to catch what should prove to be a very entertaining and interesting screening!

Click here to purchase tickets to the Death Wish 3 screening!

Click here to learn more about the event from the A.V. Club website!


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