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September 9, 2006

What's the best (fictitious) band in movie
history?  Need you ask???

Recently the most excellent and outstanding Mikey MiGo wrote an article for outlining his 15 favorite fictitious movie bands of all time!  And what band did this long-time Bill & Ted fan list as his number-one all-time best-ever movie band?  Drumroll please!  Okay, no surprise here . . . Wyld Stallyns was firmly seated at #1!!!  Not bad!  Best of all is Mikey MiGo's really wonderful write-up about WHY Wyld Stallyns is his favorite fic band, beating out such celluloid superstars as The Blues Brothers, Spinal Tap and even Hedwig and the Angry Inch.  It's always nice to see in black and white the true feelings of a Bill & Ted fan, and MiGo's prose is sheer poetry to those of us who understand his passion for Bill & Ted.

Check out Mikey MiGo's outstanding two-part article by clicking the following links:

Click here for Part One!

Click here for Part Two!

August 19, 2006

The End of an Era . . . and the
Beginning of Another

Last week saw the end of an era in San Diego County when the very last of the original Farrell's Ice Cream Parlours closed their doors for the last time in Mira Mesa, California, with the fixtures and items inside being sold at auction.  The establishment, which had been operating since 1968, was the last of the original, old-style Farrell's which used to exist across the U.S.  Those of us who grew up in the 70's especially remember the early heydey of this fabulous establishment, where birthdays were celebrated with fire engine sirens and the now legendary "Pig Trough" dessert.  Sound familiar?  The fictitious Ziggy's Ice Cream Parlour shown in Excellent Adventure was definitely a tribute to Farrell's.

The last original Farrell's may have closed but a new dawn may be breaking for the ice cream parlour chain.  One of the "new" Farrell's parlours exists in Santa Clarita, California, and word has it another new Farrell's will be opening in Hawaii in the near future!  The old Farrell's may be gone but the name lives on and who knows?  Maybe one day Farrell's will again spot the U.S. landscape and everyone will be able to experience the thrill of a ridiculously giant sundae brain freeze!

For more information about Farrell's, visit their official website.
Also this website,
The Farrell's Zone, has lots of great info about the parlours, past, present and future! 

June 24, 2006

Our Exclusive Q&A with Rappy McRapperson . . .
plus You Can Win Fight the Gorlax!

We were most ecstatic when artist Rappy McRapperson took time out of his ongoing battle against The Gorlax to answer some of our questions about his ode to the Two Great Ones, The Bill and Ted Super Song.

Click here to read our exclusive Q&A with Rappy and to learn how you can win a copy of his latest CD, Fight The Gorlax!, which includes The Bill and Ted Super Song!

June 17, 2006

Keanu Promotes The Lake House
(and comments on Bill and Ted)

The excellent personages at Keanuweb referred us to an excellent article from the New York Daily News in which Keanu promotes his new film (and second movie with Speed co-star Sandra Bullock) entitled The Lake House.  In the article Keanu talks briefly about Bill & Ted after the reporter brings up the supposed "Whoa!" mentality everyone gave him after Bogus Journey came out:

"'Bill & Ted' was a really great film to me personally, and I thought a really funny film, a successful film," (Keanu) says.  "I think for a few years people got [hung up on it].  But I never got pigeonholed in that role by my peers - not by directors and actors.  Certainly not as much as from journalists and magazines."

You can read the full article by clicking here.  And watch for Keanu to appear on many talk shows and entertainment shows, as he will continue to appear to promote the new movie in the next week or two.  In fact, to keep up with all of Keanu's appearances, be sure to check out Keanuweb . . . they have all the latest Keanu news and more!  Excellent!

June 3, 2006

A Piece of Excellent Adventure History in Jeopardy
of Being Demolished??  No way!!!

Many people don't realize that the movie Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure was not actually filmed in San Dimas, Calfornia.  It was actually filmed in and around Phoenix, Tempe and Scottsdale, Arizona.  And the high school used for the movie was Coronado High School in Scottsdale.  This week the Most Marvelous Merlin from Keanuweb alerted us to this article appeared which appeared in the city's East Valley Tribune.  According to the article a mosaic, which can briefly be seen on the outside of "San Dimas High School" in the film, was in danger of being demolished along with the building it was affixed to (part of a larger reconstruction project taking place at the school . . . an earlier article explains the situation).  But some former teachers and alumni rallied to save the mosaic, which was created by students in the early 60's shortly after the school opened.  As a result of their efforts the piece was disassembled and removed safely and now sits in several 2 x 3 foot pieces in storage to be reassembled for the school's new auditorium, which is due to be completed in 2007.

The fact that this mosaic made an appearance on film might have contributed partly to its being saved, but credit must be paid to the teachers and students who realized that history is important and worked to save the artwork.  Most excellent work, babes and dudes!!

June 3, 2006

It's An Air Guitar Nation, Most Definitely!

Yet another heads up from Merlin of Keanuweb!  Making a splash at the Tribecca Film Festival as well as the SXSW Film Festival is the new documentary film directed by Alexandra Lipsitz called Air Guitar Nation.  With the tagline "To air is human . . . " the film covers the year in which the U.S. Air Guitar Championships was born and follows the endeavors of contestants and air guitar afficionados C-Diddy (who performs to Extreme's Play With Me), Bjorn Turoque, Krye Tuff and others as they compete for the ultimate prize . . . representing the United States in overseas competition!  We'll bring you more information when this film is officially released!  Excellent!!

For more information, visit the official Air Guitar Nation website by clicking here!
You can view the movie's trailer by clicking

May 28, 2006

Bill and Ted Are Tops in the U.S., Too!!!!

If you'll look further down this page you'll remember that the British named Excellent Adventure #41 in Channel 4's list of the top 50 comedy films of all time.  This weekend the Bravo cable channel in the U.S. presented their list of the "Top 100 Funniest Movies" and this time our favorite film did even better!  Excellent Adventure came in at #24!  That's two slots higher than Wayne's World (which came in at #26).  The program, which aired in four separate hour-long parts, each covering 25 films apiece, showcased clips from the top comedy films as well as comments by actors and directors involved in the specific film as well as other films on the list.  For the Excellent Adventure segment they featured Diane Franklin, who played Princess Elizabeth in EA.  One really positive aspect of this special was the fact that the people commenting were actually speaking fondly of the featured films for a change, not running them down (so typical of American clip shows these days).  While no one went into much detail about the movie, it was still nice to hear so many people speak fondly of it and also to see it rank so high for a change.  This show will likely continue to air on Bravo for some time, so be sure to catch it to see all the other hilarious movies which made the list!

To view the segment on Excellent Adventure, click here!

For more information about Bravo and their shows, click here to visit their site.

May 20, 2006

Just when you thought that every Brokeback
parody which could be done had been done!

It was inevitable with all the Brokeback Mountain movie trailer parodies out there that someone would eventually get around to doing one for Bill & Ted.  Well, here it is, courtesy of YouTube . . . .

Bill & Ted's Brokeback Adventure

May 20, 2006

Nice Dudes DO Finish First!!

There's no doubt for fans of the CBS reality series The Amazing Race (which your webmistress admits is one) this ninth season was the best by far.  This was in part because of one particular team who came to be known as "The Hippies."  BJ and Tyler won everyone over immediately with their humor, positive attitudes and obvious friendship.  Sound somewhat familiar?  Seriously, these two guys embody the spirit of Bill and Ted so much.  They're best friends, they seemingly have endless reserves of energy and enthusiasm.  Throughout the race they were polite and outgoing to everyone they met . . . they would speak to people in other countries in their own language when possible and always focused on the positives, even when they twice came in last in non-elimination rounds, both times having to turn over their possessions and money to Phil, the host.  They even spoke their own language of sorts . . . their catchphrase "TTOW!" was their power phrase throughout the race although the true meaning of it seems be known only between them.  As if to prove that "Being Excellent To Each Other" really is the correct path, BJ and Tyler narrowly beat out their toughest competition, "Frat Boys" Eric and Jeremy, to take the final $1 million prize.  Unlike Bill and Ted, BJ and Tyler are actually well-educated bohemians, but like Bill and Ted they soak up knowledge and energy wherever they go, taking the time to get to know people and share their energy for adventure with others.

If we had a "Most Excellent" award for those who live by the "Be Excellent to Each Other" and "Party On, Dudes!" creed, these dudes would be winners again.  Congratulations, guys, it couldn't have happened to two nicer dudes!!

For more information about The Amazing Race, visit the CBS website by clicking here.

May 13, 2006

Our heroes are honored by a dude named Rappy!

If you haven't yet heard of Rappy McRapperson you definitely will, especially since he has chosen to pay tribute to our favorite dudes, Bill and Ted, in his awesome ode to the Two Great Ones, The Bill and Ted Super Song.  This is the first single from his new album Fight the Gorlax.  Brought to our attention by the outstanding fans on our forums, one of them was nice enough to even post a link to the song itself (we can't legally post it here, but check out our forums under The Music to find out more).  The song itself is a really nice tribute to Bill and Ted in Excellent Adventure and their travels through time.  We will try to find out more about Rappy and this song and bring it to you in the near future.  In the meantime, you may be able to catch the song playing on's stream Thursdays from 6-9pm ET (thanks to krakn for this info).

Want to buy the album Fight the Gorlax which includes The Bill and Ted Super Song?
here to go to Rappy's Official Website where you can purchase his CDs directly!!

January 21, 2006

Wyld Stallyns Make the Top 50 of All Time!

Our thanks to the most excellent Raymiles for letting us know that Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure has been included in the British television station, Channel 4's, "The 50 Greatest Comedy Films of All Time" hosted by Stephen Fry.  The film ranked # 41 in the poll, and clips from interviews with Alex Winter and writers Ed Solomon and Chris Matheson (which we believe were the same as ones previously shown on I Love 1988) were played during the review of the movie.  The #1 comedy film of all time?  Monty Python's Life of BrianWayne's World also made the list at #15.

For more information about this special and to review the entire list you can go to Manchester Online's site here.
Or visit Channel 4's site for the special here.

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