New B&T Movie?

August 13, 2000

Bill & Ted fan Sanden Totten was the first to send in the Keanu quote that has fans buzzing this week.  As reported in New York's August 10th edition of Newsday:

. . . Finally, the actor, who clearly has a sense of humor about his career, says he couldn't be happier to find that the lame-brained comic creations Bill and Ted continue to inspire rabid fans.  Reeves admits he's often greeted in the street by shouts of "Excellent!" - the ubiquitous catch-phrase of those aspiring but talentless rock stars.  "I love that.  I love those guys," Reeves says.  He adds that he and Alex Winter (who played Bill) have actually considered revisiting Bill and Ted once again - maybe when the guys are 40.  Where would we find the two slacker-heroes then?  "We always pictured them in some sort of hotel bar with guitars," Reeves says.  "Sitting there.  Kinda drunk and fat."  Reeves himself, it must be pointed out, is also approaching 40.  "I know!  Hey, man, slow down!" he protests.  (Luckily for him, he could pass for 10 years younger).  Where will the actor be at the big 4-0?  "Oh, gosh, I have no idea." Reeves says.  "But I hope he's doing well."

Rabid fans??  Hey, I've had my shots! *g*

Since this quote was made public, we've been getting a lot of e-mail asking if it's really true.  Honestly, at this point we don't know, but note that even if it is true, Keanu has only said that they have considered revising their roles as the dudes and have kicked around story ideas (and this one in particular sounds a bit tongue-in-cheek if you ask me!).  It does not say that any offers have been made, or scripts, written, or anything like that.

Basically, I take it as a nice nod from Keanu to us B&T fans, but little else.  But who knows what the future holds?!