This is a list of some of the known filming locations for Excellent Adventure, many of which are in or around Phoenix, Arizona.  Many of these addresses came right from the original production sheets.  Unverified locations are marked as such, as well as those which no longer exist.  If you make a tour of these locations, let us know about your adventures!  And if you plan on visiting any of these locations, please make sure to be courteous, neat, quiet, and most of all, do NOT bother any residents or businesses!  Let's make sure we represent these movies well and always Be Excellent to Each Other!

Futuristic Dome:
Carefree Studios
N. Scottsdale, Arizona
formerly known as Southwestern Studios - the facilities were demolished in 1999


Bill?s House, Exteriors and Interiors:
112 W. Kaler Drive
Phoenix, AZ
The house appears to have been changed a lot, but this is the location indicated on the production sheets
Google Street View of this location

High School Exteriors:

Coronado High School
2501 N. 74th Street
Scottsdale, AZ  85257
Some reports say the auditorium scenes were shot here as well
School's Website

High School Interior Locker Area, Interior Classroom & Int. / Ext. School Bus Scenes:
East High School
515 N. 48 Street
Phoenix, AZ
Torn down
East High School Alumni Association

Ted?s house, Exteriors and Interiors:
1841 East Berridge Lane
Phoenix, AZ
Google Street View of house as it is now


Circle K Store:
1010 West Southern
Tempe, AZ
Google Street View of Circle K as it is now


Old West Town
Carefree Studios
N. Scottsdale, Arizona
For quite some time we were stumped about the location of the Old West Town, hazarding guesses that it might have been filmed at Old Tuscon Studios in Tuscon.  But the outstanding Jim dude has finally set us straight!  He e-mailed us this information: "Most people are unaware that deep in the rear of the large Carefree Studios property was an Old West Street, set among beautiful open desert (the entire studio was demolished in 1999 to make way for "development").  I have been on this really great Carefree Studios Old West Street many times.  This is where the mistakenly named "famous western town" scenes were filmed for "Bill & Ted."  So, it really was in Carefree after all . . . !"  This fits better with the information we have, but with the studios now demolished it was difficult to confirm the presence of an old west set at that location.  So thanks much, Jim!

Greek Forum
Piazza Venezia
Rome, Italy
Google Street View today's Piazza Venezia


Zyggie's Ice Cream Parlor:
Chuck E. Cheese (not verified)
8039 N. 35th Avenue
Phoenix, AZ
Street View of Chuck E. Cheese as it is now


Bowling Alley:
AMF Tempe Village Lanes (not verified)
4407 S. Rural Road
Tempe, AZ
Tempe Village Lanes website

San Dimas Mall:

9617 Metro Parkway West
Phoenix, AZ
Metrocenter Mall Website

Paradise Valley Mall
Tatum Blvd. & Cactus Road
Phoenix, AZ
Exterior mall scenes were filmed here but never used
Paradise Valley Mall Website

Police Station Interiors:

Vacant Building
3718 Wells Fargo
Scottsdale, AZ


Waterloo Waterslide Park:
Golfland Sunsplash
115 W. Hampton Avenue
Mesa, AZ
Golfland Sunsplash Website
Google Street View of Park as it is now

Raging Waters
111 Raging Waters Drive
San Dimas, CA
some second unit filming was done in this location
Raging Waters website


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