The first of a number of video games to be based on Bill & Ted, this game was made to be played on IBM personal computers.  Borrowing from the plotline of Excellent Adventure, Bill and Ted (walking around side-by-side like Siamese Twins) need to collect historical figures to appear at their oral report.  The player must help them navigate various challenges and locate the historical personages, utilizing a Circuits of Time Phone Directory (in booklet form) to reach the various areas.  The graphics are fun and cute, the plot stays true to the movie (the dudes start out at the Circle K and must end up at San Dimas High by way of the Mall) and the game was a good start to Bill & Ted's journey into the video game realm.


Everything about this game is fun . . . sound bytes come straight from the movie, the humor stays true to the first film and the characters and the historical aspect is clever and funny.  The comedy is evident in the Circuits of Time Directory provided as a booklet . . . this could easily have been a simple list of numbers, but the creators of the game went that extra step to make them funny.  This game won't challenge the video game aficionados of today by any stretch of the imagination, and the graphics certainly don't come up to current standards, but keep in mind this was still pretty early in the PC video-gaming industry's history.  For their earliest foray into the universe of video games, this wasn't a bad way to start, and it was perfect for littler kids as well.