The design for the original theatrical release movie poster in the United States;
features the tagline "History is about the be rewritten by two guys who can't spell."

Standard movie poster from USA in mini-version.

A more elaborate promo poster in mini size.  Contains these "testimonials":

"TWO THUMBS UP . . . gladly would I give greater praise would but that I possessed more thumbs!"
- SOCRATES, Newsgreek

- Sigmund Freud, Los Angeles Head Examiner

"Totally HOT!!!" - Joan of Arc, Teen Martyr Magazine

"I am zee best part of zee entire movie!  I give myself a 10 +!  I am DELIGHTFUL!  WONDERFUL!  PERFECT!
C'est MAGNIFICENT!" - Napoleon Bonaparte, Conquering Times

" . . . The most fun I've had in the theatre in years!" - Abe Lincoln, Washington Free Press

" . . . YOU'LL LAUGH YOUR HEAD OFF . . . or I'll chop it off!" - Ghenghis Khan, The Marauding Daily News

Movie poster from Japan

Scholastic promotional poster - features the standard Excellent Adventure movie poster on the front and a montage called Excellent Adventures in Time Travel on the back with the birth and death dates of the historical figures appearing in the film.  On the left side panel are Milestones in Timekeeping and on the right side panel are Milestones in Timetravel.