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Birth year: August 11, 1971
Birthplace: Louisiana
Sometimes billed as: Kimberley Kates

Note: In the credits and press information for Excellent Adventure Kimberley LaBelle is credited with playing Elizabeth and Diane Franklin is credited as playing Joanna, but these credits are reversed . . . LaBelle played Joanna and Franklin played Elizabeth.

Biography from 1989 Excellent Adventure Press Kit

Kimberley La Belle (Princess Elizabeth) (SIC - should be Joanna) has appeared on television in "Hunter," "Riptide," "Stingray," "The A-Team" and "Days of Our Lives."  She has also co-starred with Martin Mull in Cinemax?s "History of White People in America" and director Harry Shearer?s comedy special starring Paul Schaffer, "Viva Shaf Vegas."

Updated Biography

Kimberley LaBelle has had an impressive amount of film and television credits to her name (which is more commonly Kimberley Kates).  After Excellent Adventure she made television appearances the shows Silk Stalkings, The Watcher, Seinfeld, The Larry Sanders Show and more recently Charmed.  She also provided a voice for the animated series Eek! The Cat.

Film-wise Kimberley has appeared in Rescue Me, Viper, Which Way to Oz, Armstrong and Hunt for the Devil.  She is also a producer and has produced the films Two Faced, Enduring Freedom and Dirty Love.  In 2006 she produced and appeared in the Burt Reynolds movie Forget About It and produced Lightfield's Home Videos .

In 2007, Kimberley produced the film The Mirror.  Upcoming productions from LaBelle include Babysitter Wanted and Nothing Compares to You.

Probably the most interesting footnote to Kimberley's career is that she actually played Missy-Mom in the unaired pilot episode of Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventures live action series for Fox television!

Kimberley most recently produced the horror film Babysitter Wanted and the documentary Gonzo Ballet featuring William Shatner

Last updated: 2/17/09

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