First aired: 11/24/90

Written by: Sean Roche

Regular characters: Bill, Ted, Rufus

Guest characters: Coach Sweatsocks

Historical figures (& those they're based on): Abner Doubleday, Harriet Tubman, Count Dracula (a la Jack Nicholson), Babe Ruth

Time periods:

Notable events: Costumes:


Bill and Ted are heading to school, admiring their new pump sneakers which they have for gym class.  They notice Rufus going into the bowling alley nearby to rent all the shoes they have to deliver to the Yankee soldiers who have missed a shipment of shoes.  Bill & Ted offer their own pump sneakers to the cause as well.  In gym class, they anger Coach Sweatsocks when they run through the hurdles instead of over them and do not have their shoes.  He punishes them to polish his trophies, including his autographed Babe Ruth baseball.  They accidentally drop the Babe Ruth baseball into some water, which washes off the signature.  Seeking Babe Ruth, whom Coach Sweatsocks said was a famous Yankee, and remembering Rufus was delivering shoes to Yankee soldiers, they head back to the Civil War where the only reference to baseball they can find is a guy named Abner Doubleday, who is perfecting the idea of the game.  Bill & Ted get involved in a ball game between the Yankees and Confederates, where they offer suggestions on how to improve the game (such as only having four bases and using a baseball instead of cannonballs).  Unfortunately they only manage to lose the baseball itself.  Getting into their booth to escape they discover a woman hiding inside, who introduces herself as Harriet Tubman, who was leading a group of escaped slaves to the North.  Her short travel in the Circuits in Time inspires her to build an underground railroad.  Bill & Ted continue on, landing in Transylvania.  Their booth is accidentally taken by a hunchbacked man who works for "The Count".  Bill and Ted are then captured by a mob of angry villagers, who want to drown them for being cousins of Count Dracula.  Rufus arrives to give the dudes back their shoes, and helps them escape from their captors.  They head to the castle to retrieve their phone booth and find an irate Dracula angry because he can't get any sleep in the new "coffin", which is the boys ringing phone booth.  The dudes pose as coffin repair men and play a soothing tune for Dracula on the dial buttons.  They then manage to get Dracula out of the booth and continue on to Yankee stadium where they hope to get some hot dogs.  They are almost kicked out by a policeman for not having tickets but manage to elude the man.  To their surprise, they hear Babe Ruth being announced as coming up to bat.  They ask him for an autograph, but he doesn't have time and so he gives them a small photo instead.  The policeman catches up with the dudes and throws them out of the park, where they crash into a vendor's cart.  Then man is trying to sell a new invention he calls Blibber Blubber, which Bill & Ted soon realize is actually bubble gum.  They offer to trade the photo of Babe Ruth for some of the gum, which gives the inventor the idea to market the new candy with trading cards of baseball players.  As the boys stand chewing their gum, they hear the announcer inside the stadium relate that Babe Ruth has hit home run number 60 out of the park.  They are thrilled to find the baseball also contains the Babe's signature.  They hurry the ball back to the gym where Coach Sweatsocks is thrilled to see they have cleaned his ball and have their shoes back.




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