First aired: 10/27/90

Written by: Sharman DiVono

Regular characters: Bill, Ted, Rufus

Guest characters: Next door neighbor and bird expert, Mr. Stickler

Historical figures (& those they're based on): Admiral Byrd, King Tut (a la Steve Martin), Nefertiti, Henry Stanley (a la Humphrey Bogart - African Queen), & Dr. Livingston

Time periods:

Notable events: Costumes:


Bill & Ted agree to housesit for Bill's neighbor, an eccentric explorer and bird expert named Mr. Stickler.  They are instructed to make sure Mr. Stickler's cat, Max, stays out of the house to protect Prince Rupurt the III, his prized African buff-headed wood hoopoe.  Unfortunately, no sooner does Mr. Stickler leave than the dudes find out they accidentally left the door open and Max has already made a snack of the rare bird.  Realizing they need to find a replacement bird, they look up "bird" in the Circuits of Time directory and end up in Antarctica with explorer, Admiral Byrd.  Having landed on his sleigh dog's kennels, the dudes must rebuild them before going with Admiral Byrd, which they do by making it out of ice, igloo style.  Unfortunately they are not in time to fly with Admiral Byrd and start out after him on dogsled.  They meet up shortly afterward to find all their compasses going crazy, and Byrd announces they have discovered the South Pole.  Unfortunately for the dudes, there are no birds around except penguins, so they continue their search through time.  They land in Egypt where they are put to work on the Pharaoh's tomb.  They accidentally cause a giant block to drop on the Pharaoh's barge and are brought before King Tut for punishment.  Seeing they are about to use a large tablet to write upon, Ted suggests they use one of Prince Rupert's feathers and some of Nefertiti's eye makeup, showing them how to write with a pen and paper.  Impressed by this, King Tut gives Bill & Ted the honor of immortalizing his face in stone.  They proceed to build the Sphinx for him.  Unfortunately, they make the nose so large it falls off.  Infuriated, King Tut sends his guards after the dudes and they are only able to escape after Rufus intervenes, distracting the guards with the second booth.  They next travel to Africa where they end up on the boat of Henry Stanley, newspaperman, and his monkey companion, Jane, who are searching for explorer Dr. Livingston.  He points out there are plenty of the birds around and even catches one for them.  Mr. Stanley asks Bill & Ted to stay for dinner.  Unfortunately the villagers serve them the dudes' replacement bird and they must continue on with Mr. Stanley to find another one.  After making it through some white water rapids, Henry Stanley finds Dr. Livingston, who offers Bill & Ted another replacement hoopoe, anxious to get rid of the noisy creature.  The dudes hurry the new Prince Rupert the III to Mr. Stickler's house and it looks like their deception has worked until Prince Rupert turns out to be a Princess Rupert and lays an egg.


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