Bill & Ted's Shagadelic Halloween Adventure

From October 3rd through the 31st, 1999, Universal Studios theme park in Orlando, Florida held their eigth annual Halloween show starring none other than the Two Most Excellent Ones themselves, Bill and Ted!  The show included its traditional "co-stars" from the past year's popular films like Austin Powers, Mystery Men, American Pie, and several others.  The half-hour long show included comedy, action, and of course exciting stunts performed live, several times a day!

Now of course the original actors from the movies were not available to hang around in Florida for a month to reprise their roles, but Universal held auditions to find local, talented people to fill their character's shoes.  With 25 parts to fill and roughly 500 people showing up to audition, they did an incredible job of finding two dudes who really captured the essence of Bill and Ted, as well as rest of the wacky crew.

All B&T fans around the world would love to have seen the show, but of course only a fraction had the opportunity to do so.  Despite this, the shows were an unqualified success with nearly every performance being completely sold out and standing-room-only!  However, for the rest of us, the most triumphant writer/director of the show, Michael Roddy, and Doug McDonald (who played none other than Bill S. Preston, Esq!) were kind enough to share lots of great pics from the show as well as the original script!!  (Air guitar!)

Some of the crew also were kind enough to give us exclusive interviews, so that we could enjoy behind-the-scenes glimpses of the show as well as get information about preliminary plans for future shows.  So, without any further ado...

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