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The show opens with the DeLorean hurtling onto the set.  TJ Hooker comes flying off the hood and gets up.  He demands the driver of the DeLorean to come out with their hands up.  The doors open and Mulder and Scully from the X-Files step out.  They explain they are government agents and during the course of their discussion they start to make out.  TJ Hooker stops them, saying "This isn?t Washington D.C.!"  It?s the Magic Kingdom theme park and someone has taken over as new management and is using the park as a front for their illegal activities.  Scully accuses TJ Hooker of overacting . . . oops, overREacting to the situation.

Bill and Ted arrive in the booth, explaining they have come to the Magic Kingdom to see Saving Private Ryan Live on Ice.  They are told the Magic Kingdom is no longer open, it?s been shut down.  The new management shows up and it turns out to be Robert DeNiro and Joe Pesci?s characters from Goodfellas.  A call goes out for backup and Riggs and Murtaugh from the Lethal Weapon movies appear, as well as a very effeminate Zorro.  A gunfight ensues in which the Goodfellas escape in the booth.

TJ Hooker gives the running line (used often in the show) "It?s the end of the world as we know it and I feel . . . . "  The audience prompts him with "Fine!" but instead he finished with "Okay!"  Bill calls the booth back and the Goodfellas have returned with Jet Li?s bad guy character Wah Sing Ku from Lethal Weapon 4, Sean Connery?s character Juan Sanchez Villa-Lobos Ramirez from Highlander and Michael Meyers from the Halloween films.

Riggs and Murtaugh fight Wah Sing Ku and force him into the booth before the Joe Pesci character from Goodfellas clubs them both and they get thrown into the booth and taken away by the Goodfellas.  Bill and Ted then have to face Michael Meyers, who goes after them.  He?s interrupted by Jamie Lee Curtis? character from the Halloween films and she fights Michael, her brother, and manages to use the trap door to defeat him.

Zorro gets into a swordfight with Juan Ramirez and ends up falling down the well.  Michael Meyers reappears and Bill calls for more backup.  The Avengers arrive and Emma Peel takes on Mike Meyers, fighting him until they go into a building.  On top of the building Steed fights off Juan Ramirez with his umbrella and then takes on Michael Meyers, who is shot from below by Scully and falls.

Bill and Ted announce it is time to jam!  They have invited their new friends from Colorado, and cutouts of the South Park characters appear.  When asked what they would like to do, Cartman says he wants to sing "Kyle's Mom is a Stupid B----".  Everyone square dances as the song is sung.  At the end of the song Robert DeNiro says it was awful and shoots Kenny.

Bill announces for every person a Goodfellas kills he?ll save two, so he brings in the leads characters Rose and Jack from Titanic.  The cast splits off into boys and girls and sing "Summer Nights" from Grease (the lyrics are strangely funny in the context of Titanic!).  At the end of the song the old Rose from Titanic comes out performing a rap.  At the end the young Rose asks old Rose what she did with the necklace and old Rose explains she threw it overboard, at which time young Rose punches her out.

The Wedding Singer, Robbie Hart, comes out and starts singing "You Spin Me Round" as the cast dances behind him.  Finally Bill Clinton enters as "Hail to the Chief" plays and announces to the crowd he?d like to apologize again for his indiscretions with Monica Lewinski and promises it will never happen again.  Seconds later Monica comes out and they break into "You?re the One That I Want" from Grease and the whole cast joins in, during which Bill Clinton plays his sax.  The set then explodes at the end.

Many thanks to Michael for helping with the synopsis of this show!

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