(John and Robert stayed pretty much in character during our interview, so as a courtesy we will refer to them below as Bill and Ted)

BILL: Hello, San Dimas!

TED: Hello, everybody! How?re ya doin??  Be excellent to each other!

BILL: Party on, dude!

INTERVIEWER (AND CAMERAPERSON): Since I didn?t bring an interviewer with me you?ll just have to listen to me from behind camera, people, but this is the Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights Bill and Ted!

BILL: How?s it goin?, dudes?

TED: Yeaahh!!  Totally, dude!

INTERVIEWER: So tell me, how did you guys prep for the roles?  Did you watch the movies?

BILL: Of course, babe!

TED: Yeah, we watched it about 550,000 times!

BILL: Yeah!

INTERVIEWER: What are your normal jobs?  I mean, do you work here at Universal?

BILL: I?m totally Bill!  (Laughs)

TED: I?m based at Ghostbusters.

BILL: And I give tours all across the Studio.


BILL: It?s most, most triumphant.

TED: But we?re hard working actors here in Orlando.

BILL: Yeah.  Definitely.

INTERVIEWER: So what do you dudes like best about being Bill and Ted?

BILL: Everything!

TED: Yeah, you can be really natural and goofy and stupid . . .

BILL: And I get to jump out of a building, too, so that?s really cool!

INTERVIEWER: Bill jumps out of a building?

BILL: Yeah!  Totally!

TED: And I get to roll around and bump my head on that pole right over there.  Which is not very good, but . . . .

BILL: No, but lots of most heinous evil dudes chase us around.

TED: Yeah, and some famous musicians at the end come out, which is really cool!

BILL: Definitely!

TED: That?s excellent!

BILL: But *our* musical gig is the best, of course!

TED: Absolutely!

BILL: ?Cause as they all know that Bill S. Preston, Esq. . . .

TED: And me, Ted "Theodore" Logan . . .

BILL: Are also . . .


INTERVIEWER: Excellent!  You guys got ?em down pat, I?ll tell you that much.

BILL: Thanks, babe!

TED: Thank you.

BILL: Really really (touches heart) gets me right here.

TED: Dude, dude . . . tell ?em about our guitars and everything.

BILL: What about the guitars, dude?

TED: The guitars that we come out and solo at the end.

BILL: That?s right!  I was sayin? we?ve got a big solo number at the end of the show.  You all gotta come and see us!

TED: You?re going to come and see the show, right?

INTERVIEWER: Oh, definitely!

TED: Absolutely!

BILL: She?s got us on her t-shirt, too!  Close up on that t-shirt!

The interviewer spins the camera around to take a close up of the hand-painted Bill and Ted cartoon shirt she?s wearing.

TED: Awesome, dude!

INTERVIEWER (Swinging camera back around): Wait a minute, I don?t want them scoping my chest!

BILL & TED: (Laugh)

INTERVIEWER: What would you say to all the Bill & Ted fans all over the world?

BILL: Be excellent to each other!

TED: Yeah!  And party on, dudes!

INTERVIEW: All right, excellent!  Thank you, dudes, we know you Two Great Ones must get back to their most excellent work.  We?ll be watching!

BILL: Yes, we must go through deep preparation.

TED: Thank you very much, it was a pleasure!

BILL & TED: Catch ya later, dudes!

TED: Bye!  Take care!

BILL: So long, San Dimas!

TED: Take care, everybody!  Bye-bye!

The dudes walk off to the backstage area. Some time later they have come back out and are talking to our interviewer again, who once again starts up the camera.

BILL: (Pointing to camera) Oh no, the light?s on again!!

TED: Chill out, dude.  Don?t worry about it.  Remember, we?re rock musicians.  Stars!

BILL: That?s true.

INTERVIEWER: How long have you been rehearsing on this show?

Bill jokingly reaches up to place his hand over the camera lens, then laughs.

INTERVIEWER: That long, huh?

The camera swings to Ted, who is drinking a Pepsi.  He holds it up proudly.

TED: Pepsi generation!

INTERVIEWER: Uh oh, no endorsements! (Laughs)

BILL: Hide it, Ted!  Oh no . . . water.  Water is the choice of a new generation.

TED: Absolutely!  Excellent!

INTERVIEWER: What happened to Frosty Slushes?

BILL: Who? (Laughs)

INTERVIEWER: Frosty Slushes!

BILL: Oh, those are good, too.

TED: Those are excellent!

BILL: A most excellent sugar rush comes from those, dude.

TED: Let?s go to the Circle K and get some, dude!

BILL: You have to watch out, Ted.  Strange things have been afoot at the Circle K!

INTERVIEWER: I have just one question for Ted, though.  Who is Noah?s wife?

TED: Oh!  It?s that strange looking lady . . . .

BILL: Miss of Arc, dude!  Miss of Arc!

TED: Yeah . . . Miss of Arc, right?

BILL: Yeah.  And that short dead dude.  (Thinks)  Napoleon!

TED: Yeah, dude!

INTERVIEWER: Napoleon is Noah?s wife?

BILL: No! He?s a short dead dude!


TED: Dude . . . and Caesar!

BILL: No, So-crates, dude!

TED: The salad dressing dude!

BILL: Yeah, no . . . oh yeah!!

INTERVIEWER: They didn?t know there was going to be a history test.

BILL: Yeah . . . definitely.

TED: So where are you guys from?

INTERVIEWER: I?m from California.

BILL: San Dimas?


BILL: No way!

INTERVIEWER: That?s where our P.O. Box is, San Dimas!

TED: Excellent!

INTERVIEWER: Where else?  Right across the street from the Circle K.  There actually is one.

TED: Are there a lot of babes over there?

INTERVIEWER: Well . . . ?  (Points to self)

TED: Yeah, you?re a babe!

INTERVIEWER: I?m a babe!

TED: Are there more babes?

INTERVIEWER: There?s lots of babes!

TED: Excellent!

INTERVIEWER: There?s lots of dudes, too!

BILL: Recite her some lyrics, dude!

TED: Well, I don?t know what to say, but . . . I?d just like to tell all the babes in San Dimas hope you guys have a great Halloween and we?re having a most Excellent Adventure here at Universal Studios, and one day I?m going to go over to San Dimas and give all of you beautiful babes in San Dimas a big kiss. (Smiles and laughs sweetly)

BILL: Yeah, something like that. Well, we should go . . .

INTERVIEWER: Go party, go do it, dudes! We?ll be watching!

Bill and Ted again say goodbye and head backstage.


(Joel and Toby spoke to us mostly as themselves and with great enthusiasm, so we?ll also refer to them below as Bill and Ted)

INTERVIEWER: Most excellent show, dudes!

BILL & TED: Thank you!

INTERVIEWER: This is . . .

TED: Toby Miller.

BILL: And Joel Buntin.

INTERVIEWER: And this is the most resplendent second team of Bill and Ted here at Universal Studios.

TED: Actually, we?re the premiere first team!  Those other guys just got to go first tonight.

BILL: Yeah.

TED: Most heinous.

INTERVIEWER: Aw.  You totally like lost the draw?

BILL: Yeah.  Should?ve been revoked!

TED: Yeah.  We opened last night, that?s why.  That?s the only thing.

INTERVIEWER: How did you prepare for the roles?

TED: We?ve totally been doing these roles for about . . . (Thinks) . . .

BILL: Three years.

TED: A little over a year . . . (impressed at Bill) . . . three years, dude?

BILL: Three years.  I?ve seen the movie 26 times.

TED: Yeah!

BILL: Definitely know it pretty well.  We each have friends that look like the other characters, so we?ve been doing it with those friends for about . . . well, I?ve been doing it for about three years.

TED: I?ve only been doing it for about a year and two months.  I saw Excellent Adventure and Bogus Journey like back to back within the same week.  And I?d never seen it before, ever.  And I totally fell in love with the dudes!

INTERVIEWER: So what do you normally do here at Universal Studios?

TED: I wear a "Ted" nametag, I dress up like a New York police officer.

BILL: I work over at Back to the Future.

INTERVIEWER: And you do . . ?

BILL: Not much!  (All laugh)  As little as possible, actually.

INTERVIEWER: So now you guys are total Bill and Ted fans, what do you like best about being able to play them?

BILL: It?s a dream come true.

TED: Yeah!

BILL: I?ve been acting like them long enough so now I finally get to do it and get paid!

TED: We totally want to join the club, too!

INTERVIEWER: Cool! Bill and Ted join their own club, you heard it here first, folks!

BILL: Exactly!

INTERVIEWER: All right, dudes, that?s all I needed tonight, so what do you want to say to all the Bill and Ted fans across the world?

BILL: Be excellent to each other!

TED: Party on, dudes!

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