The show opens with a video compilation of past shows set to the Van Halen song "Panama".  A Star Wars style scroll appears explaining that there is a diabolical alien threat and that a certain British family which upholds American values must be protected.  Bill and Ted are the only hope.

Britney Spears comes out to perform.  As her song ends The Osbournes appear.  Kelly tries to explain to Ozzy about Bill and Ted and Ozzy demands to know who they are.  We are expecting Bill and Ted to appear but instead Dr. Evil from the Austin Powers movies appears and says he has killed Bill and Ted.  He has a plan to kidnap the Osbournes, the first family of reality television, and ultimately he will take over television.  He calls his plan Preparation H (feels good).  He calls out Serleena, the evil villainess from Men in Black II.  Serleena has killed Bill and Ted in exchange for Scooby Doo.  Will Smith in his Men in Black persona shows up and holds a gun on Dr. Evil and Serleena, but Mini-Me pops up and holds Will Smith at bay.

When asked why he?s so evil, Dr. Evil says he?ll explain.  Mini-Me breaks into a version of "It?s a Hard Knock Life" from the musical Annie and Dr. Evil chimes in with a rap about why he?s evil.  They received a transmission from the Ultimate Supreme Being who turns out to be Triumph the Insult Comic Dog.  Triumph is pleased to see their plans to take over television progressing so well.

The Scooby Doo gang arrive looking for Scooby.  Dr. Evil is about to kill them when Bill and Ted arrive from above.  They go into their introduction and demand to know where their booth is.  Dr. Evil says their booth has been blown up.  Velma explains Dr. Evil?s plan to Bill and Ted, adding that Serleena had actually killed Carrot Top and David Arquette instead of them.  Dr. Evil orders Serleena to kill them, but Gandalf from Lord of the Rings arrives and shouts "Shazam!"  Austin Powers and Foxxy Cleopatra arrive in Austin?s mini and Spiderman swings in from the side (Dr. Evil calls him an Eight Legged Freak).  Dr. Evil sets off a series of explosions and he and Serleena escape in the confusion.

Velma flirts with Kelly Osbourne and then steps forward to explain that mysterious signs have been appearing which herald the impending alien invasion (crop circles shaped like Prince?s logo, the Superman symbol and a Mickey Mouse are seen on the screen above).  She further explains that Martha Stewart?s show and website will become so big that eventually she?ll take over MTV.

The Scooby Doo gang decide to investigate . . . Fred suggests he and Daphne search for clues in an old isolated office upstairs.  Bill and Ted propose to bring the bad guys back, only their booth is gone.  Gandalf suggests they try using wizardry and produces a dove from thin air, but Ozzy steps forward to bite its head off. V elma comes up with the idea to use cell phones and that by combining the frequency with a cliched plot device a two digit number would bring the bad guys back.  Bill and Ted ask if anyone has a cell phone and everyone holds one up.  They simultaneously dial 69.

Darth Vader appears along with Anna Nicole Smith, the Green Goblin from Spiderman as well as Dr. Evil and Serleena.  The chase begins and Anna Nicole Smith sits on Spiderman.  Will Smith changes from his Men in Black persona to Muhammed Ali and punches out Serleena.  The Scooby Doo gang participates in a Scooby Doo style chase.

A very fat Elvis comes out as well as Eminem in a Robin outfit (Rap Boy).  Eminem sings a bit, then Elvis interrupts to sing "Jailhouse Rock."  Eminem interrupts him to rap some more and then Elvis breaks in with "Burning Love."  Finally Eminem knees Elvis in the groin and triumphs.  Anna Nicole Smith comes out and Austin Powers accuses her of being a man.

The Powerpuff Girls come out and Velma pretends to lose her glasses while she slyly looks up their skirts.  Dr. Evil sics Anna Nicole on them but they knock her back onto Eminem.  Daphne and Spiderman defeat Green Goblin together and she kisses him the way he was kissed in the movie, much to Fred?s dismay.

Darth Vader fights with Gandalf and Gandalf triumphs.  Vader pulls off his mask to reveal . . . Martha Stewart!  "And I would have gotten away with it if it weren?t for these dumb *** kids and their stupid dog!" she moans.  Scooby Doo arrives.  Triumph appears on the screen again claiming he will poop on all of them, but as the camera pulls back it?s revealed that Sharon Osbourne is the hand behind Triumph!  It turns out she was the mastermind of everything but only because she wanted the world to stop watching her family and pay attention to their own families and friends.

The Scooby Doo gang leaves and then Bill and Ted turn the show over to Dr. Evil, asking him where they could find a place where old rock stars can become newfound celebrities.  Dr. Evil explains that this can happen in America!  The cast dances to Neil Diamond?s "Coming to America" and then everyone breaks into a musical and dance medley which closes out the show.

Many thanks to Michael for helping with the synopsis of this show!