The show opens with Jack and Karen from Will & Grace doing a skit for the crowd and wondering how they got to the "Middle of Nowhere" (Orlando).  Then "Big Momma" from the movie Big Momma's House comes out and encourages the crowd to participate and get loud.

The Crocodile Hunter (Steve Irwin) comes out, then the phone booth arrives with Mr. Burns and Smithers from The Simpsons, who are the villains.  Mr. Burns has invented a "Pocket Rocket" that he has used to steal and store today's pop superstars.  He plans to sell them on his website "www.kidnapster.com".  They have stolen the phone booth from Bill and Ted in order to travel around and kidnap the pop stars.  They have accidentally kidnapped Jack and Karen because they thought Jack was Cher.

The first hero arrives, Ethan Hunt from Mission: Impossible.  He spends most of his time leaping around and aiming his gun dramatically for no apparent reason.  Mr. Burns reveals his motive for stealing all the pop stars is so Lionel Richie, Neil Diamond, and Styx will again rule the airwaves.  The barn doors on stage left spring open, and the Mystery Machine and Scooby Doo appear in clouds of smoke.  The drivers are our heroes, Bill and Ted.

Bill makes a joke that driving the Mystery Machine has given him the "munchies", and that Shaggy is still passed out in the van.  They see Mr. Burns, who stole the phone booth, and Ted says he has killed his buzz.  They introduce themselves ("Bill S. Preston, Esquire and Ted "Theodore" Logan and we are Wyld Stallions!"), but Mr. Burns is not impressed . . . Smithers has to explain who they are.

Mr. Burns and Smithers try to get Bill & Ted; Shaft, Charlie's Angels, and Wolverine from X-Men come to their rescue.  Burns & Smithers escape in the phone booth.  Bill & Ted use the cell phone to bring them back; the music from the beginning of Van Halen's "Runnin with the Devil" plays and Janet Reno comes out of the phone booth with a net in her hands.  Elian Gonzalez runs out to get away from her and they chase about.  Charlie's Angels fight the villain from Scream as Van Halen's "You Really Got Me" plays, then Big Momma goes after Shaft.

Smithers downloads Britney Spears and Lil' Kim, who have a dance-off that ends when Britney snatches Lil' Kim's wig off.  Then Britney is attacked by the villain wrestler Kevin Nash from the WWF.  "The Rock" from the WWF comes to her rescue.  Janet Reno chases Elian into the phone booth, where he steals it.  The XMen villainess Mystique chases everyone, but they push her down the well.

Burns and Smithers return, and offer to return all the pop stars if Bill and Ted can guess the pop stars who come up when they press "69" on the cell phone and the phone booth returns.  Elian Gonzalez comes back as Enrique Iglesias, and everyone dances as he sings.  Then "The Blood Hound Gang" comes out and all the couples (Wolverine and Mystique, Jack and Karen, Croc Hunter and Britney, etc.) dance to the song "The Bad Touch" ("you and me baby ain't nothing but mammals, so let's do it like they do on the Discovery Channel" . . . ha ha).

Then Eminem comes out to sing "Slim Shady", and finally everybody dances to "Bye Bye Bye" by N'Sync for the finale.

Many thanks to Michael for providing the synopsis of this show!

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