Who wrote
The Riddance of Evil?

A bit of interesting Bogus Journey trivia from the
eagle eyes of Joel Reed Parker

In this age of videos and DVDs, with the advancement of freeze frames and screen grabs, movie fans are picking up on details which directors and producers probably never meant for them to discover.  One such discovery was made by Joel Reed Parker, who sent us the following screencaps to show what he had uncovered about a particular book.

In Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey when Missy-Mom is holding the seance and thinks Bill and Ted are evil spirits which she decides must be vanquished, she grabs for a book called The Riddance of Evil.

As she opens the book you can just catch the text on the page (this happens very very quickly!)

Amazingly, somehow Joel was able to determine where this particular text is from!  
It's from a Stephen King book entitled Four Past Midnight, and more specifically the story
Secret Window, Secret Garden.

The text shown from the book is actually this exchange from the book:

    Evans offered her his handkerchief.  She shook her head and bent over the fist with Mort again.
    Ten minutes later it was finished.  They signed on the correct lines and Strick witnessed their signatures.
    Ted Milner showed up only instants later, as if he had been watching the whole thing on some private viewscreen.
    "Is there anything else?" Mort asked Evans.
    "Not now.  There may be.  Is your number down in Tashmore unlisted, Mr Rainey?"
    "Yes."  He wrote it down for Evans.  "Please get in touch if I can help."
    "I will."  He rose, hand outstretched.  "This is always a nasty business.  I'm sorry you two had to go through it."
    They shook hands all around and left Strick and Evans to write reports.  It was well past one, and Ted asked Mort if he'd like to have some lunch with him and Amy.  Mort shook his head.
    "I want to get back.  Do some work and see if I can't forget all this for awhile."  And he felt as if maybe he really could write.  That was not surprising.  In tough times - up until the divorce, anyway, which seemed to be an exception to the general rule - he had always found it easy to write.  Necessary, even.  It was good to have those make-believe worlds to fall back on when the real one had hurt you.

    Joel made another interesting discovery on the Bogus Journey DVD . . . he points out that the Devil's makeup is very impressive . . . 

But that the seam on the leg of his costume isn't quite so excellent!

Eventually we'll be adding a large section to this site about both movies and these spotted tidbits as well as many others will be included on those page.  In the meantime, we want to thank Joel for sharing these most interesting observations with us!

You can visit Joel's excellent website by clicking here!

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