Bogus Journey and Star Wars . . .
. . . do they synch???

Have you ever heard that someone somewhere figured out if you watch The Wizard of Oz while playing Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon album they synch-up in interesting ways?  Ever wonder how someone would even find out something like that?  Well wonder no more!!

The most outstanding and creative James Greene, Jr., has set out on an interesting project.  Every night he watches one of the original three Star Wars movies while playing a different album to see if anything synchs-up.  Recently he watched Episode IV: A New Hope with the Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey soundtrack playing over it.  Did anything synch up?  Click on the graphic below to go to his blogspot and find out!

Most Excellent, James!  Good luck with the project!  Maybe you'll discover the
next great movie synch-up and become an urban legend in your own right!

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