A Most Excellent Meeting with
The Frood Dude himself!

Anthony Lopez had a most excellent adventure when he had the opportunity to meet the "Frood Dude" himself, actor Rod Loomis!!  Here's Anthony's totally non-heinous story:

"Attached is the clipping ad from where I met Rod (see below).  It was in May 2000 at the Greater Jacksonville Church of Religious Science.  Rev. Brian Fraser Langlois knew Rod & invited him to his church.  Well, I saw the ad and rushed to grab 2 Pro-Set Bill & Ted cards; one of the cast (same one as on your homepage site) and one with him holding a corndog.  I've had them color Xeroxed to 8x10.  I also brought my video (the DVD wasn't out yet).  He wouldn't sign or take pictures until after mass.  I didn't care because he was my favorite.  He sang two songs: I Walk With God and Climb Every Mountain.  After mass he signed everything I had brought and also signed an 8x10 b/w photo, the same pic as in the ad which he had standing on a tabletop.  I needed to have it so I asked for it.  It has his film, television and theatre credits on the back.  It was so nice to meet him.  He's really religious though.  I was the only Bill & Ted fan there, the rest was church-goers."

Thanks, Anthony, for sharing your story with us!

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