The Excellent Adventure soundtrack was mainly comprised of music by artists who were not hugely famous at the time (or even now!) . . . rather unusual for teen-movies of the 80's which typically included well-known artists on their soundtracks.  For this reason the Excellent Adventure soundtrack is unique and fresh and a joy to listen to repeatedly.  The Bogus Journey soundtrack would be the exact opposite, with many big-name rock and heavy metal bands contributing tracks.  Excellent Adventure is also a much nicer, sweeter-natured album with songs that not only rock but are quite hauntingly beautiful, most notably the songs In Time and Walk Away.  This music continues to touch fans to this day and with good reason.  Truly this is an outstanding collection of songs which immediately invoke the feel and spirit of the movie.  No doubt, these bands do play excellent music!

To learn more about a particular song, click on its title below for artist information and lyrics:

Play With Me - Extreme

The Boys and the Girls Are Doing It - Vital Signs

Not So Far Away - Glen Burtnick

Dancing With a Gypsy - Tora Tora

Father Time - Shark Island

I Can't Break Away - Big Pig

Dangerous - Shark Island

Walk Away - Bricklin

In Time - Robbie Robb

Two Heads Are Better Than One - Power Tool

Please note that we did not have access to lyrics for these songs, so we tried our best to work out the words to the songs.  If you have correct lyrics or a better interpretation of any lyrics, please let us know!  Thanks!

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