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Birthday: January 19, 1951
Birthplace: Berkeley, California

Biography from 1989 Excellent Adventure Press Kit

Martha Davis began her singing career in the late 1970s.  With her own band, The Motels, she recorded "Take the L," "Only the Lonely" and "Suddenly, Last Summer," all of which sold more than a million copies.  Now a solo artist, she is currently finishing a new album.

Updated Biography

Martha Davis shot to fame in the early 80's when her L.A.-based new wave band The Motels came into the MTV spotlight with their hit song Only the Lonely.  In 1987 (the same year which Excellent Adventure was filmed) the band disbanded when Davis learned she had cancer.  She had recorded a solo album, Policy, and fortunately she survived her bout with cancer.

Davis reformed The Motels into a new band in 1998 and released the album Anthologyland.  The band continues to tour.  Excellent Adventure was her only film performance.

Martha Davis and the Motels performed in 2008 on TV Land's show High School Reunion, performing two of their hit songs.

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