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The Bogus Journey Comic Book Adaptation

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The series stared with the movie adaptation of Bogus Journey, which hit the stands just after the movie's release. The first issue of the regular series appeared in October 1991, with a new comic book published every month since.

The 12 Comic Book Issues

The series begins after Bill and Ted's most bogus of journeys.  Issue #1 featured a second wedding between the Two Great Ones and their princess babe wives in which they invite all their friends (past, present and future) to attend.  However, Joanna and Elizabeth's former medieval suitors aren't so willing to lose their women again, and tag along disguised as musicians to disrupt the wedding, and worse, to kill Bill and Ted!

Issue #2, Welcome to Club Dead!, featured Death on a most heinous holiday throughout time (Death's idea of a vacation is watching Mt. Vesuvius erupt and the Hindenburg burn and crash) while the walking dead arrived on Bill and Ted's doorstep (it was Death's last known address).  Bill and Ted must go on a frantic chase after Death through time to get the living dead out of their house (where Elizabeth and Joanna have put them to good use.... fixing up the new place!)

Issue #3, Daze in the Life, followed Wyld Stallyns' Disaster Tour '91 in which the dudes deal with unscrupulous agents and record company executives and find themselves playing such gigs as the grand opening of Joe's Fish Market and Computer Software Shack and the 10th Annual San Dimas Cat Show.  Due to some dirty dealings of their less than scrupulous manager they end up being sued! Bogus!

Issue #4, Times2 Stations, took place largely in Little Bill & Ted Land, the amusement park Bill & Ted had the Stations build for their sons' (and their own) enjoyment.  The main attraction: The Waycool Everywhen Jet Roller Coaster, which the guys use to travel though time and other dimensions (such as the Cynosure of Lost, Single Socks and Smithereens) in search of their kidnapped wives, who were spirited away by occupants of the Dimension of Utter Boredom.

A continuing story line linked issues # 5, 6, and 7. The first installment, Been Caught Cheating Time, included the dudes first music video!  Things turned heinous, however, when the Chronological Order decided it was about time the Two Great Ones were brought to trial for their crimes against time!  The little wheeled dude, Time Thumb, who made earlier appearances in the books, became Bill & Ted's defense lawyer in the face of the senile Order.  To make matters worse, DeNomolos figured out a way to escape from Hell, which he did with an army of evil-doers in the second installment.

Having a Bogus Time.... Wish You Were Here!  DeNomolos' unscheduled visit to the trial prompts the Chronological Order to cancel all of time!

The whole thing came to a most unprecedented conclusion in Time is Up!  Don't want to spoil the ending; sufficed to say the dudes triumphed most excellently (otherwise that would have been the last issue of the comic book!).

Issue #8, Bob Spelled Backwards...., was guest-written by Tom Brevoort & Mike Kanterovih and drawn by guest artist Steve Buccellato.  One of Rufus' students borrows the phone booth to enlist Bill & Ted's help in passing his history report.  With shades of Excellent Adventure, the dudes and Bob pick up historical figures and take them to the San Dimas mall in the future, not taking into account that Wyld Stallyns is the most popular band ever, resulting in the dudes getting mauled in the mall!  To make things more difficult, a strange DeNomolos look-alike shows up!

A young, presumptuous little twerp takes over Death's job in issue #9, It's a Living?  The young replacement, named Morty, shows no compassion for his clients whatsoever, while Death attempts to find new work in a variety of jobs, including paper boy (but a dog steals his femur bone) and lifeguard (where he sank).

Issue #10, Don't Believe Hype, was a humorous shot at the world of superheroes comic books.  When Bill & Ted accidentally land in a dimension of comic book heroes, they have to become Super Stallyns to get their stolen phone booth back.  The character of Fightman eventually was given a one-shot comic of his own in real life (Evan indicated he planned to sneak Bill & Ted into a panel, but I've never been able to locate them)!

The true fate of the dudes' bud, Abraham Lincoln, is revealed to them in issue #11, Lincoln Immemorial, where they are horrified to learn the man was assassinated.  They journey back in time to save him, only to find out that tampering with the timeline has created a most heinous future.  They end up having to return Lincoln to his proper place, which Lincoln isn't exactly dying to go back to.  One highlight of this issue is a hilarious sequence in which Bill & Ted are treated by Death to a Planet of the Apes marathon.

The last issue was a one year anniversary party for the couples (who's gotten remarried in the first issue of the book a year before!) in which every character who ever appeared in the series made a guest appearance, along with several various Bill & Ted incarnations from other dimensions!  The last two pages are the entire cast of characters saying "Party On, Dudes and Be Excellent to Each Other".

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