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Re: Most excellent...

Posted By: Jude <[email protected]>
Monday, 9 December 2002, at 6:53 p.m.

In Response To: Most excellent... (Jill)

This is what it said...

Excellent - Good
Most Excellent - Very Good
Triumphant - Excellent
Outstanding - Most Excellent
Stellar - Inspired
Sterling - Fully inspired
Awesome - Awesome
Unprecedented - Really good
Unrivaled - The Best
Bag it - Grab it
How's it Hanging? - Hello
Scorched - Stared at
Melvined - Tricked, duped
Egregious - Most bogus
Bogus - Dangerously melvinized
Bodacious - Unbogus
Party On - Keep it up
The Shorts Dead Dude - Napoleon
The Salad Dressing Dude - Caesar
The Frood Dude - Freud
The Pool Game - Marco Polo
Heinous - Bad
Non-heinous - Good
Non-non-heinous - Real bad
Non-non-non-non-heinous - Egregiously bad
Full-on robot chubby - Large metal erection
Princess babes - Medieval girl friends
Totally - Fully
Most - Totally fully
Flake off - Adios
Resplendent - Resplendent
Be Excellent To Each Other - Love thy neighbor
Loogied - Spit
No way - Forget it
Yes way - Of course
Station - Greetings... salutations... yes... of course... where do I sign?... way to go... hallelujah... right on... (and, of course) ...excellent!
Most Atypical - Incredible, amazing
Metal Heads - Rockin' Musicians
The floppy eared, egg dropping, hippitty-hopping behemoth - The Easter Bunny
Reaped - Killed
The Ugly Red Source of All Evil - The Devil
Your Royal Deathness - The Grim Reaper
The Fugue Dude - J.S. Bach
Mr. The Kid - Billy the Kid
Beelzebub - The Dude Downstairs
Dickweed - Jerk
Miscreant - Loser
So-Crates - Socrates
God's Finest Planet - Uranus
The Repository of All Earthly Building Material - Builder's Emporium
Esteemed - Famous
Personages - Esteemed dudes
Joan of Arc - Noah's wife
The Dude on the Penny - Lincoln
The Dude on the Dollar Bill - Washington
Phantasmagorical - Spooky
The Straw Dude - The Tin Dude's Pal
Dudes - Non-babe personages of the Human species

I just copy and pasted this off of a credits page on I don't ever remember them saying some of these things, but whatever...


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