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Sketch was awesome! *PIC*

Posted By: wyld_stallyn <[email protected]>
Wednesday, 26 September 2001, at 9:30 p.m.

The sketch was TOTALLY based on Ted! 100%! It was so good! My brother thought that the actor playing him WAS Keanu. Anyway, here's a transcript, aka an excuse for me to watch it again a couple of times

(Andrew Bowen comes out wearing a brown leather sort of 1900s piloting/ballooning outfit with a white scarf)
"Keanu": Whoa. Greetings and salutations. I'm Keanu Reeves. Yeah! (Strikes a Ted-ish pose) Well, I guess some of you remember me from my last film, The Devil's Advocate, where I played the son of Satan. Pretty spooky, huh? Whoa! (looks at an audience member while saying this, and sort of makes a spooky pose which is really just comical, and he does it so quickly). For those of you who still need you mind a little joggled, I played a Southern lawyer. Watch the accent. (He turns around, then turns back, looking serious and speaking in a southern accent) 'That's a veal roast, your honour. 100% DA select' (Ted-ish pose) thank you! Anyways, you're probably wondering why I'm wearing this outfit. Well, I'm here on MAD TV tonight to announce my intent to be the first guy to cir-cum-ner-avriate...(he tries again) fly around the world in a balloon. Yeah! (Ted pose) Thank you, thank you. Thank you for your concern, thank you for your concern, but I'll be okay. You're probably asking yourselves (he strikes a Ted pose, looking at the ground, thrusting one hand out and being really dramatic) "Why, Keanu?! Why do you want to put your life in danger?" That's a good question, audience, and the answer is...(he looks off to the side, deep in thought, not knowing the answer. His face lights up, smiling)...because it's there! (He strikes the infamous right and on chest and the other in the air pose, like he does in EA when he says "Party on, dudes! to the future guys) Anyways, I'm looking for some volunteers to come with me, so if anybody has nothing to do for the next four months, wants to talk about Shakespeare and music (strikes a violining pose) and doesn't mind being shot at by chinese, meet me after the show. Otherwise, enjoy this fantastic episode of Mad TV. And! Remember, if you're ever looking for me, just, like, (strikes the "party on, dudes" pose, looking at the sky) look up at the sky, and be like, "Keanu!" G'night! (runs off the stage).

Okay, yeah, that was pointless, but it's Yom Kippur...I've got nothing to do today.




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