The Bogus Journey soundtrack can be summed up in two words . . . it rocks!  We're talking some of the biggest names in the rock and heavy metal business . . . Megadeth, Winger, Slaughter . . . KISS!  Can't do much better than that!  Oddly enough the songs don't seem as tied into the movie as the Excellent Adventure songs were (with the exception of God Gave Rock and Roll to You II, which will forever be the Bill & Ted anthem thanks to their raucous Battle of the Bands finale and the inclusion of Steve Vai's rocking guitar introduction in the film).  There's little doubt the songs are heavier and darker than the songs from the previous film, but considering the darker content of the movie itself this only makes sense.  The odd man out on this album would likely be Tommy the Cat by Primus, as Primus fans aren't necessarily heavy metal fans, but it's a very cool song which also features the amazing voice of Tom Waites!  Showdown is an interesting piece by a little known 80's band called Love on Ice.  And then of course there is The Reaper Rap . . . Steve Vai's amazing music with excerpts taken from the film's dialogue . . . classic!

To learn more about a particular song, click on its title below for artist information and lyrics:

Shout it Out - Slaughter

Battle Stations - Winger

God Gave Rock and Roll to You II - KISS

Drinking Again - Neverland

Dream of a New Day - Richie Kotzen

The Reaper - Steve Vai

The Perfect Crime - Faith No More

Go to Hell - Megadeth

Tommy the Cat - Primus

Junior's Gone Wild - King's X

Showdown - Love on Ice

The Reaper Rap - Steve Vai

For the Love - Neverland (not on the soundtrack album)

Please note that while the CD does include lyrics we found some to be incorrect or incomplete, so we have compiled lyrics using the provided lyrics and our own judgement of what they are.  If you have correct lyrics or a better interpretation of any lyrics, please let us know!  Thanks!

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Soundtrack Album Executive Producer: Tom Whalley

Project Coordinator: Leslie Gerard

Soundtrack Album Business Affairs: Debbie Reinberg

Art Direction: Bob Defrin

Mastered By Stephen Marcussen at Precision Lacquer

Special Thanks: Jimmy Iovine, Ted Field, Nigel Harrison, Beau Hill, Steve Vai, Mike Varney, Bud Carr, Warren Entner, Lori Earl, Lucinda Fleurant, Maureen O'Connor, Ron Lafitte, Debbie Reinberg, David Cohen, Michael Papale, Marc Benesch, Lynn McDonnell, Terry McIntyre, Susie Tallman, Scott Kroopf, Pete Hewitt, Michelle Manning, Tony Ferguson, David Lefkowitz, Elliot Cahn, Jeff Saltzman, Lindy Goetz, Bob Biggs, Mark Trilling

(P) 1991 Interscope Records, (C) 1991 Orion Pictures Corporation.  All Rights Reserved.  Printed in U.S.A.

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