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Missing Scenes!

Breaking up rocks and the rat-eating demon guard

bjbilltedhell1.jpg (17782 bytes)    b&tbjdemonrock.jpg (69930 bytes)   b&tbjdemonrock2.jpg (62011 bytes)

b&tbjdemonrat.jpg (69236 bytes)   b&tbjhell2.jpg (76346 bytes)

One scene missing from Bogus Journey occurred when Bill and Ted first land in Hades.  They are confronted on their rock by a demon guard who provides them with sledgehammers and orders them to break up their own rock.  To further intimidate them, the demon guard pulls a rat out of his mouth.  But instead of being scared, Bill and Ted are amazed, and Ted proclaims they once knew a guy who got a rat in his bucket of chicken (a classic urban legend).  Finally they do start working, and Ted finds he enjoys breaking rocks.  The rat segment can be seen briefly in the movie trailer for Bogus Journey included on the newly released DVD.  Segments of this entire sequence can also be heard during the Reaper Rap which plays over the end credits of the movie, also featured on the soundtrack album and CD.


Trashing the apartment

bjevilbill.jpg (14484 bytes)

Fans got to see Evil Bill and Ted trashing Bill & Ted's apartment but these scenes went on longer in the original version of the film.  According to the scripts and novelization their chaos included Ted throwing Ted's pet fish, Axl W., down the garbage disposal and Evil Bill knocking the boys' elderly landlady over the corridor's second story railing and into the pool.


Evil Bill in Evil Ted's skin and vice-versa

skins2.jpg (52053 bytes)  skinsbw.jpg (68385 bytes)

skins.jpg (43724 bytes)   skinsb.jpg (46760 bytes)   bjouttake3.jpg (16666 bytes)

skinsbw2.jpg (40448 bytes)   skinsbw3.jpg (41348 bytes)

Many of the scenes cut from the final movie included rather extensive special effects.  This was how the scene in which Evil Bill and Ted confront and kidnap the Princess babes was originally supposed to take place . . . instead of just pulling the skin from their stomachs to expose their mechanical innards, they reached up to reveal zippers which run down the lengths of their bodies to reveal that Evil Bill was actually disguised as Evil Ted and that Evil Ted was disguised as Evil Bill.  A strange joke, and one which might have proved confusing to the audience, either that or was perceived to be too gruesome for kiddies.


Evil cylinders and facing their fears

b&tbjrobotsbw6.jpg (49481 bytes)   b&tbjfearsbw1.jpg (71822 bytes)

b&tbjfearsbw2.jpg (54170 bytes)   easterbunny.jpg (31717 bytes)    bjouttake1.jpg (24304 bytes)

The biggest change to Bogus Journey was its ending.  Originally Evil Bill and Ted were to pull three strange cylinders from inside themselves and leave them on the floor.  These would eventually hatch out into large, exaggerated and terrifying versions of the fears which Bill and Ted faced in Hades: The Easter Bunny, Granny S. Preston, Esq. and Colonel Oates.  Bill and Ted, along with Death, Station and the good robots, confronted these monsters on their way to the Battle of the Bands.  After an intense chase, in which the fears work together to attack the van (the Easter Bunny tearing open the top of the vehicle as seen above), Bill and Ted realize to conquer their fears they must face them.  Bill kisses his granny and she disappears, Ted confesses to Deacon (via cell phone) that he stole his Easter basket and the giant rabbit disappears, and finally they invite Colonel Oates into the back of their van for snacks, which breaks him down into a nice guy and he also disappears.  Small segments of dialogue from this segment can be heard during the Reaper Rap which plays over the end credits of the movie, also featured on the soundtrack album and CD.  These scenes were deemed too scary for children and consequently ended up on the cutting room floor, although they would have tied the movie together much better if they'd been left in.

The fight at the Battle of the Bands

bjdeathbilltedfly2b.jpg (17360 bytes)     bjdeathbilltedfly1.jpg (11271 bytes)    bjouttakestage.jpg (33816 bytes)

Much of the Battle of the Bands segment was changed for the final production.  Originally Bill and Ted try to use the Good Robot Bill and Ted, only to have them run through a wall and disappear.  Bill and Ted then have to try to fight the Evil Robot Bill and Ted themselves, which leads to the shot above.  Bill and Ted are being thrown across the stage by Evil Robot Bill and Ted while Death tries to keep the audience entertained.  Eventually Bill and Ted manage to get the Evil Robot's heads and press self-destruct buttons on them, later lobbing them at De Nomolos and blowing him up.  The Good Robot Bill and Ted supposedly run around the world and return to the Battle of the Bands stage in time to catch Joanne and Elizabeth, who are falling from the ropes above.

The final speech

bjstageend13.jpg (21811 bytes)    bjstageend4.jpg (26747 bytes)    b&tbjonstage1.jpg (23795 bytes)   b&tbjstage9.jpg (23030 bytes)

bjstageend5.jpg (21892 bytes)    bjstageend9.jpg (13690 bytes)    bjstageend32.jpg (21471 bytes)

Because so much of the end of the movie had to be changed, the final scene was also refilmed.  Bill and Ted originally delivered their final speech in their own clothes, and the dialogue involved facing your fears and not letting anyone program you but yourself.  Scenes of this segment being filmed were shown on MTV's The Big Picture in 1991 and snippets from the original speech can be heard during the Reaper Rap end song as mentioned above.

We will be doing more extensive write-ups of the missing scenes from both movies on this site at some future date.  Stay tuned!!!

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