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When TEEN BEAT's Associate Editors Shari Rothstein and Avi Mandava last visited California, they heard that there was a new set of Bill & Teds in town.  At first, the gals were skeptical.  After all, how could anyone fill the shoes of gorgeous Alex Winter and Keanu Reeves who played the movie Bill and Ted?  Well, never say never.  Shari and Avi met Evan Richards (Bill) and Christopher Kennedy (Ted) at Larry Parker's Diner in Beverly Hills for lunch - and boy, were they impressed.  Not only were these two dudes utterly adorable, but they were sweet, funny and quite entertaining.  Evan and Christopher had Shari and Avi laughing so hard their sides ached!  In between chewing and chuckling, the gals managed to get the scoop on these two cuties - and their new TV show, Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure.  A new episode will air on Fox each week.  Bet you're eager to find out what these guys are all about, so feast your eyes on this totally awesome interview.

TEEN BEAT: Where in Canada did you grow up, Chris?

CHRISTOPHER KENNEDY (Ted): I lived in a small town called St. Catherine's until I was 8, and we moved to Toronto when I was 9.

TEEN BEAT: And then you moved to Los Angeles?

CHRISTOPHER: No, I went to school in New York.  I lived all over.  I've gotta move back there as soon as I can.

TEEN BEAT: What other acting jobs have you had?

CHRISTOPHER: I did commercials, a rock video and Top Cops.  I did an episode of My Secret Identity, too.

TEEN BEAT: What's your full name?

EVAN RICHARDS (Bill): Evan Rublin Siam . . . No, just kidding.  It's Evan David Richards.

TEEN BEAT: Where were you born?

EVAN: In Los Angeles.

TEEN BEAT: Tell us a secret about yourself.

EVAN: I don't wear my hair curly when I'm not filming Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure.

TEEN BEAT: Tell us all about the TV version of Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure.

CHRISTOPHER: The TV series is geared toward a younger crowd.  The writing is "cuter."  There's a little message to learn in each episode.  For instance, Bill and Ted go back to hang with Cassanova to learn how to meet babes, but in the end they find out that they have to be themselves.

TEEN BEAT: Do you enjoy playing your character, Ted Logan?

CHRISTOPHER: It's a fun part to play . . . I'm a kid all day.

TEEN BEAT: Was there anything you did that "clinched" the role of Ted for you?

CHRISTOPHER: I walked in in what Ted would wear and I thought to myself, "What would Ted say?", and I looked at the executives from the network . . .

EVAN: C?mon, tell 'em what you said!

CHRISTOPHER: And I said, "How's it goin', important dudes?!"

TEEN BEAT: Do you also do the voices for the cartoon Bill and Ted characters?


TEEN BEAT: Was it like a package deal?

CHRISTOPHER: What happened was, I landed the series and then I got a phone call that said, "Oh, you have a recording session on Tuesday [to do the cartoon voices]."  I said, "Okay."  I called Evan and he had gotten the same call.

TEEN BEAT: Evan, what's it like working with Chris?

EVAN: Should I say everything?  Okay, here we go . . .

CHRISTOPHER: I think I can answer it in one line: Evan and I are opposites.  We're very opposite, yet alike, but we work well together.

TEEN BEAT: What exactly do you mean by that?

EVAN: We like different things.

TEEN BEAT: Give us an example, please.

EVAN: I like alternative rock.  Chris likes classic rock and classical music.  Also Chris and I differ because I have to get into everything and Chris kind of stays put.

TEEN BEAT: Chris, how?d you get into acting to begin with?

CHRISTOPHER: I'd always wanted to act, but I never had the guts to tell anyone.  I got up the guts, and took a couple of classes.  Then, I was walking down the street and saw a movie being filmed.  My mouth fell open and I knew this was what I wanted to do.

TEEN BEAT: Which actors do you admire?

CHRISTOPHER: I knew this question was going to come up - and no one's asked me it yet.  I like Tom Hulce, Dianne Wiest, Robert DeNiro.  He's probably typical to say, but how can you not?  Oh, I love Gary Oldman.

TEEN BEAT: Evan, how?d you get into acting?

EVAN: My mom was an actress and she put my sister and me into the business.  My sister didn't want to do it, but I did.

TEEN BEAT: What was your first professional acting job?

EVAN: One of the first things I did was a Pampers commercial.

TEEN BEAT: Christopher, think up something clever to ask Evan that our readers would want to know.

CHRISTOPHER: Okay, Evan, what's your favorite food?

EVAN: I like Italian food.  Then again, so does everyone.  I'm getting close to being a vegetarian.  I don't eat red meat anymore.

TEEN BEAT: Good question, Christopher!  Now, do you have any "out-of-the-ordinary" stories to tell us?

CHRISTOPHER: Yes.  I was hit by a bus, by a really nice bus driver!  We had just finished shooting and my, producer and I had bought some CDs.  We were walking around and we were talking about jay walking.  My producer left and went back to his hotel and I went to step off the curb and boom!  I went flying about 15 feet.  This bus nailed me.  I'm lying on the ground, there are CDs all over and I kind of just rolled over and got up.  I wasn't hurt, just stiff, but I remember thinking, "How weird, I just got hit by a bus!"

TEEN BEAT: What else have you appeared in?

EVAN: Down And Out In Beverly Hills, Dream Machine, I was on a series called Mama Malone (about a woman who had a cooking show from her own home), Rock 'N' Roll High School Forever, and Society.