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Alex & Keanu: Most Excellent Dudes!
Find Out What Their Bogus Journey Is All About!

    "Be excellent to each other," say the two awesome dudes known simply as Bill and Ted.  Sounds familiar?  Bring back any memories?  Bill (Alex Winter) and Ted (Keanu Reeves) are back in the sequel to their bodacious 1989 flick Bill & Ted?s Excellent Adventure.  In their new adventure, Bill & Ted?s Bogus Journey, it is the year 2691 A.D., and Bill and Ted are called upon to return to earth to stop the evil DeNomolos.  The evil leader is using robot twins of Bill and Ted to rid students at Bill and Ted University of the memory of their school?s founders.

    Bill and Ted travel through hell, heaven and beyond, meeting up with all sorts of characters, living and deceased, on their journey.  While down below, they meet up with The Grim Reaper and the devil himself!  In heaven they meet God ? awesome!  The Easter Bunny, Albert Einstein, two martians and Bill?s Granny Preston are among the others Bill and Ted encounter on their journey.

Off-The-Wall Dudes!

    On screen, Bill and Ted are off-the-wall, slightly air-headed, but really happenin? dudes.  Off screen, Bill and Ted?s personifiers, Alex Winter and Keanu Reeves, are two guys who are serious about acting and about livin? large.  While filming Bill and Ted?s Excellent Adventure, Keanu and Alex became good friends, and that friendship transfers itself to the big screen in the original and the sequel.

    "Ted is a real dreamer, a bit naive, but always a positive and nurturing force within Bill and Ted?s friendship," Keanu says of the dynamic duo.  "Really, they are so connected, they?re the same guy.  It?s kind of scary ? they?re two dudes in a pod."  Alex says, "There?s a piece of Bill and Ted in everyone.  They live in their own bubble and wander through life in their own world."

Cool Deal, Keanu!

allstars1091b.jpg (56156 bytes)    How did Keanu and Alex come to be such excellent dudes?  Keanu didn?t start out his career by playing a cool dude.  His first major film role was in River?s Edge, in which he played a snitch.  But other roles since then have landed Keanu in cooldom.  And it?s a good thing, because Keanu says that he bounces off the walls when he?s not acting.  "My teachers thought it was sugar, but they were wrong."  Whatever it was, it keeps him bopping ? literally!  Keanu has lived in tons of different places, including his birthplace, Beirut, Lebanon, Australia, Hawaii, New York, and finally, Venice, California.

    This dude with the wacky hair and zany smile is sort of different from the typical Hollywood babe in both the looks and attitude departments.  Keanu almost gave in and changed his name to K.C. Reeves to please his agent, but later decided that would have been a most heinous thing to do!

Totally Excellent, Alex!

allstars1091a.jpg (158569 bytes)    Alex has pretty much been around show biz his whole life.  His parents were both dancers in London, and they moved the family to St. Louis, Missouri when Alex was seven.  There he began his career as a mini-dude!  He performed in a bunch of stage productions, including The King and I, Peter Pan and Oliver!  Alex attended New York University?s film school and began acting in films to raise money for his own projects for Stern-Winter Productions, a company he and a friend formed.  Alex co-wrote, directed and starred as ten different characters in their first flick, Squeal of Death.  Sounds grody, dude!



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