Every Rose Has Its Thorn (Kimberly's Perspective)

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I sat in the back of the taxi, "Itís a couple houses down on the right."

Many memories had gone through my head that day.

"Thatíll be fourteen ninety-two."

"UhÖ" I searched through my wallet, "I only have a twenty.  Do you have change?"

"No," He smiled after snatching it from my hand.

I sighed as I got out of the taxi with all of my bags.

I tried to ring the doorbell while holding all three of my bags.

My uncle, who was even more bald than last time I saw him, answered the door, "Hi, Guys!" I said.

"Hi, Kimberly," Deacon said in the corner.

"Come on in." My uncle said.

I walked in and put my bags down.

"Ted, I need you to drive Deacon to his baseball game, today."

"Oh, you play baseball, now?" I asked admiringly.

"Yeah," He answered.

"Can I go to his game?" I asked. I needed to get out of the house.

"Yes, Kimberly." My uncle answered.

"Cool," I said before a thought struck me, "do you play baseball, Ted?"


"Football?"  He kinda looked like a football player.  He was tall enough to be one.


I wasnít impressed, "Do you play any sports?" I asked.

"Well, last year in gym class, we played dodge ball."

I laughed, He was lame, "I am a cheerleader." I bragged.

So, later in the day, we went to Deaconís game.

Ted and I sat on the bleachers.

Ted seemed mad.  He didnít talk much, or really seem like he had a personality.

"Hey, Ted," A couple of girls said as they walked by us.

"Howís it going?" He asked.

He seemed happy to see them.  One of them must have been his girlfriend.

"Pretty goodÖ" The blonde one said, "Whereís Bill?"

Finally.  A question Iíve wanted to ask the whole time I was here.

"I donít know," He answered.

"ÖAnd who is this?" The brunette one asked.

"Iím Kimberly, Tedís cousin," I answered before Ted could say anything. I didnít want anything mean said.

"Oh, Hi," They both said.

I finally asked the question I was dying to ask, "So, who are you?  Tedís girlfriend?"

"We wishÖ" The brunette answered sarcastically.

"I have so many memories with TedÖ" I mentioned, "Remember when I used to put makeup on you?"

He was mortified, and I had done my job.

The two girls laughed, "Well, it was nice seeing you again since graduation."

"Yeah," He mumbled.


"Howíd you get her?" I asked jokingly.


"HowÖ You know.  How did you get her to be your girlfriend?" I asked.

"Sheís not my girlfriend."

"Do you even have a girlfriend?" I wondered if his dad had lied on the phone.

He nodded.

I asked a question that was important to me to know.

"Does Bill have one?"


That was disappointing.  I have liked Bill since I first met him and he has a girlfriend.  Great.

"Oh," I said, "How recent is this?"


He didnít know what the word Ďrecentí meant. I was embarrassed to be a relative.

"Never mindÖ justÖ how long ago was this?" I asked.

"A few monthsÖ maybe."

After the game, we went to Tedís car.

"Where are we going?" Deacon asked.

The Circle K." Ted answered as he got in the car.

I got in the passenger seat.

"Is Bill gonna be there?" I asked hopingly.

"I donít know." Ted answered.

We got to the Circle K, and we all got out of Tedís car.

"Deacon, hereís some money.  Go buy something.  I have to make a most important phone call.  Iíll be right back as soon as Iím finished."

"Okay," Deacon said happily walking into the building.

Ted walked to the pay phone and I followed him.

"Who are we calling?" I asked.


"YeahÖ" I said.

"Why donít you go with Deacon?" He asked.

"Why?" I asked.

"Because, I have to make a very important call without you or Deacon."

He was mad, now.

I bet he was still mad about me breaking his guitar strings.  I didnít mean to.  I just wanted to have some fun.

"You donít really seem like yourself anymore." I said before I walked inside with Deacon.

"Hey," Deacon said.

He was holding a coke bottle.

We got up to the cashier.

"You knowÖ Itís kinda hard to come home to your apartment, after a long day of working and find all of your stuff tied up in bags outside while your apartmentís locked." I commented.

The woman rolled her eyes and took Deaconís money, "Thank you.  Have a nice day." She said with a smoker voice.

We walked outside.

I immediately noticed Bill, "Hi, Bill!"

"Howís it going Kimberly?"

"Quite goodÖ" I smiled, flipping my brown hair over my shoulder.

"Why are you staying here?" He asked.  He was totally interested in me.  I was happy.

"My land lord kicked me out.  He said I didnít pay him enough, bagged up all my stuff, and put it in a bag outside of the apartment, and he took my dog."

"Poor snuggles." I thought.

"So, why didnít you get a new apartment?" He asked.

"Well, why should I?  I mean, I have awesome relatives who let me stay with them."

I couldnít blame myself.  Why pay money, when relatives will let you stay for free?

"But you canít stay with them foreverÖ" Bill said.

He had a good point, but I liked my idea better, "Well, I can for now." I smiled.

"Letís go home.  Itís freezing!"

We got home and I was very hungry.

"Iím staaaarving.  Is your dad making something to eat?"

"No," Deacon said.

"Then what are we gonna eat?" I asked panicking.

Deacon opened a cabinet and handed me some bread and a jar of peanut butter.

No, I hate sandwiches.

"Iím allergic to peanut butter," I lied.

"Since when?" Ted asked.

"Birth." I lied again.

"You wouldnít eat anything but peanut butter twelve years ago." Ted reminded me.

"Can I just make something else to eat?" I asked.

"Whatever." Deacon said.

I got out some butter and a skillet.  I fried the butter for a little while, and looked away a second or so before the butter turned to flames.

I gasped and grabbed the nearest thing to me.

The flames grew higher.

"You dipstick!  You donít put vegetable oil on a fire!" Deacon yelled.

"I- I didnít know.  I just grabbed something."

I ran down the hall, "Uncle Chet, hurry up, thereís a fire!"

He ran to the kitchen, and looked at it with horror.

"Címon!" I said as the two of us ran outside.

"911?  Yeah, our houseís on fire." Deacon said on the phone as if he were about to cry.

I felt too terrible for words.

Ted ran out of the house, as we sat and waited for the fire engines.

They arrived and put out the fire.

Uncle Chet was a mess.  He sat on the grass and didnít say anything.

Deacon stood there just staring at the house.

"Are you okay, Deacon?"

"Iím alrightÖ" He mumbled.

"Are you sure?" I asked.

"Iím fine." He said in a clearer voice.

A few moments later, Ted ran to his new car and drove it away.  Where could he possibly have been going?

I did this out of choice, my dad wouldíve been so proud.  Though, sadly, he wasnít here for me to tell him.

"Uncle Chet, Iím really, really sorry.  I didnít mean to cause the fire, and Iím really sorry."

He looked back at the house and mumbled something I couldnít hear.

"Itís okay, Kimberly."

"Are you sure?  It was completely my fault.  I can pay for it."

"Well, Kimberly, if you think you can pay for it, why donít you go get your own house?" He asked.

He had a good point.  I couldíve paid for it, but I just might need to remember when to pay the landlord this time.

So, I made my decision, and I started my car.

Now, I was off on my own journey to search for a new home.