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"Hey, Dad, I'm going to Bill's house." Ted announced as he left the house.

I turned and watched the front door shut as he left.

I wondered about him for a moment.  He was different than Deacon, in many ways.

My thoughts turned into a flashback.


I sat in the hospital room. It was quiet as I sat in a chair next to my wife in the hospital bed holding our oldest son.

He looked so much like her, and she absolutely loved him.

"Chet, he's just wonderful." she said.

"Yes, Amy, he is." I said.

She leaned in and kissed his face, "I love you, Ted."

Six months later, he was talking, not much, but he said enough for us to communicate with him.

"Chet, did you get the car seat?" Amy asked frantically.

"Yes, Amy, it's already in the car."

Ted had also grown excessively in height, and always seemed very tall for his age, even when he was a baby.

At that time, he started walking, and at one year old, though he didn't talk much, he could walk any where he wanted to go.

"Hey, Ted," Amy said taking a picture of the boy with a chocolate covered face, "Ted, look at the camera."

She laughed as he glanced at her and made a funny face.

"Can you smile at the camera instead?" she asked.

He wiped his face with his small hand, only unintentionally smearing the chocolate more on his face. After that, he looked up and smiled at her.

She took the picture and he squinted at the flash afterwards.

She always found joy in him.  He always made her laugh and smile.

On his first day of preschool, they both had a hard time letting go.

"Okay, Ted, it's your first day of preschool.  Are you ready?" I asked.

"Um..." he said before putting his thumb in his mouth.

I removed his thumb from his mouth, "Son, you have to stop doing that.  If you don't you'll end up with-"

"Chet," she bent down to Ted so they could be eye level, "Are you ready for your first day of preschool, Honey?" she asked.

"I... I don't know..." He said nervously.

"You gotta go, Son, because-"

"Chet, are you sure about this?  Do you think they'd be okay with it if he stayed home just for today?"

"Amy, we don't want him to think it'll be okay to ditch school."


"Yes, I know you want him home, but maybe he wants to go."


"Let's just go on inside, he'll be okay."


I glanced at her.

"He's not ready for preschool yet."

I rolled my eyes, "So, I was off work to watch my son ditch school.  How pleasant!" I said getting into my car.

The next week, he was comfortable in preschool, and he met one person I wished he didn't meet, Bill.

"Where's Ted?" I asked finding Amy alone in the kitchen reading the newspaper and drinking tea.

"Oh, yes, Ted's at Bill's house, and Bill's coming over tomorrow."

"Wait, Who's Bill?"

"He's Ted's friend at school."

The next day, I met him.

"Hello, Sir." He greeted shaking my hand.

"Hello, Son." I said.

"I'm Bill S. Preston..." he paused and said, "Esq."

"Nice to meet you Bill S. Preston..... Esq."

"C'mon, let's go." Ted said motioning him to follow him.

"Honey, you're late for work, now."

"Are you sure you don't need any help?" I asked.  Leaving her alone with two children could be too much work for her.

"I got this, honey, just go on.  You'll be late for the meeting if you don't." She said straightening out my coat.

I sighed, "Okay, then, I'll be back later.  Ted, be good for your mother."

"Hurry up, Hon, you're already late."

The next couple of months he invited Bill over all the time.

He loved having Bill around, but I found that Bill was... somewhat different, like he wasn't much of a great influence for him.

A couple years later, Deacon was born, and from the time he learned to talk, he was always upbraiding his older brother.

"Hey, Deacon." Ted greeted hugging him.

"Get off!" Deacon shouted.

"Hey!  What's going on?" Amy asked walking in.

"I just tried to hug him..."

Deacon rolled his eyes and continued to mind his own business.

Ted just walked away from him.

I don't think Deacon liked Bill as much either.

"Hi, Deacon!" Bill greeted with a smile.

Deacon rolled his eyes, "Hi,"

Ted ran up to Deacon as if he were going to hug him, but stopped and just walked with Bill to his room instead.

Later that month, Amy thought it would be a good idea if I spent time with Bill's father and got to know him.

"We're going to the mall?"


"The mall?"


"Thatís a little girly, you think?"

"Come on!  Bill and Ted love the mall!  You can take them with you when you go..."

I sighed, "Why not..."

Later that week; we went to the mall as planned.

After twenty minutes, Bill said, "Daddy, I have to go to the bathroom."

"Okay, Son, I'll take you."

"Ted, do you-" I started to asked before he turned around and shook his head.

While I waited I watched Ted head bang as he listened to the latest Van Halen release.

He also started air guitaring, which got a group of teenage girls' attention.

"Aww!  He's so cute!"

"He's so adorable!" they said as they stood and watched the six year old.

After Bill and his dad got back, Bill noticed Ted air guitaring, and walked up to him before air guitaring with him.

"Aww!!  That's adorable!" the girls said.

A few minutes later, when they finished air guitaring to the song, they were surrounded by people who watched them.

Ted blushed and walked away shyly, but Bill enjoyed the spotlight.

"We had better get to the next store now." Billís father said picking up the tiny six year old.

"Not a bad idea." I said taking Tedís hand as we walked to the next store.

I remember teaching him to ride his bike without training wheels. Amy watched with Deacon as they both sat on a lawn chair.

"Okay, Son, are you ready?" I asked.

"Uh, I think so." He said.

I held onto the bike as he peddled a few feet.

Once he got farther along, I let go of the bike.

I watched him as he smiled a few seconds before turning around and saying, "Dad, look Iím-"

"Watch out for the-"

The second before I could finish my sentence he crashed into a tree.

Amy gasped and ran to him leaving Deacon on the lawn chair.

I stood in shock.

"Ted, are you okay?" She asked.

He shook his head and stood up slightly limping while he walked.

I walked to him and picked him up, carrying him back home as Amy got his bike.

"I donít wanna ride my bike anymoreÖ" He said.

"Itís okay, Honey, you donít have to." Amy said.

I looked down at his knee, which had been cut from the crash.

"We need to clean your cut when we get home so it wonít get infected." I said.

At the time he turned thirteen, he seemed like he felt accomplished that he was finally considered a teenager.

A few months later, I wasnít sure how to explain to him and Deacon that their mom was deceased.

They got the idea once many relatives came over to comfort us.

When their grandmother came I remember her saying, "Ted, you look so much like your mother did at that age."

I wasnít going to look at him.  It would only make me break down, and I try not to think about that when I look at him.

She didnít say anything like that to Deacon, because Deacon didnít look as much like her as Ted did.  Ted had more of Amyís personality, he was always happy, he rarely got mad, and just seemed to be always calm like she did.

At a few months shy of eighteen, he seems to have forgotten it.

I must say, I may have been rough on him, but I did it for his own good.

I stopped as I heard the doorknob rattle.

Ted walked through the door with his guitar in one hand and his backpack in the other.

I ran up to him and hugged him, standing there with my arms around him for a few minutes.

I could tell he was laughing; he wasnít used to me hugging him like this.

"I love you, Son." I said.

"I love you, too, Dad."

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