My Day Away (Ted's Perspective)

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"Where again are you going?" Ted asked.

"Los Angeles, I already told you." Bill answered.

"But who are you visiting?" Ted asked again.

"Ted, Iíve told you, Iím not gonna tell you until I get back." Bill explained.

"Dude, Iím so gonna be bored without you." Ted said.

"Not if youíre with Elizabeth," Bill said.

Ted blushed sheepishly and changed the subject, "When are you getting back?" He asked.

"Saturday." Bill answered.

"Three days!  Bogus!" Ted replied.

"Iíll be fine, Ted." Bill assured him.

"I know I youíll be, Dude." Ted said and paused with an odd look on his face "You arenít visiting Granny S. Preston Esq. are you?" Ted asked.

"Most definitely not." Bill answered.

"Well, Iím gonna miss you, dude." Ted said.

"Iíll miss you, too." Bill said.

"Bill, come on we gotta go!" Billís dad said as he started the car.

"Okay," He said, grabbed his guitar and his bag, and headed off to LA.

Bill was about to be gone for three days.  He left the booth in Billís garage and wasnít able to get it.

Ted walked home and opened the door of his house scaring his brother badly.

"Oh, Iím sorry, Deacon. Didnít mean to scare you." Ted said as he walked into his house.

"Itís okay. Youíre scarier than this movie." Deacon replied.

"What movie?" Ted asked.

"Amityville II the Possession." Deacon answered.

"Oh, thatís not scary." Ted said and walked down the hall about to go in his room.

"Do you wanna watch it with me?" Deacon asked.

"Maybe later." Ted said and continued to go to his room.

He sat on his bed and tried to think of something to do while Bill was gone.

"Ted, you always watch scary movies with me. Youíre never bored. Whatís going on?" Deacon asked walking to Tedís room.

"Billís visiting a relative or something. He didnít tell me who, he just told me heís in L.A." Ted explained.

"Granny S. Preston Esq.? Again?" Deacon asked.

"No, he seemed a little happy to be going there." Ted said.

"I wonder where he is." Deacon said.

"Me too." Ted agreed.

"Donít you have a girlfriend?" Deacon asked.

"Yeah." Ted answered blushing with diffidence.

"Why donít you call her?" Deacon asked.

"Because Iím gonna go watch a movie with you." Ted said as he got up and walked to their living room.

"Now my brotherís back." Deacon said as he followed him.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

20 minutes later

Ted and Deacon sat quietly watching the movie.

"Deacon, Did you do your homework?" their dad called from down the hall and scared them half to death and they screamed.

"What is going on?" He asked as he walked down the hall to them.

"Yeah, I did my homework.  Weíre just watching a movie." Deacon explained and their dad just walked back to his room.

"Ted, do you wanna change the channel?" Deacon asked.

"Deacon, youíre scared?" Ted asked.

"Maybe." Deacon answered.

"Dude, itís just a movie." Ted noted.

"I know but itís a little scary," Deacon commented.

"From one to ten, how scary?" Ted asked.

"Ten." Deacon answered.

"Itís not that scary." Ted said and they continued to watch the movie for ten minutes and they fell asleep.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

10 Hours Later

"Ted, Wake up, itís ten." Deacon said shaking his shoulder.

"Itís not that scary." Ted mumbled still half asleep.

"Not the movie!  Itís ten oíclock!" Deacon said shaking his shoulders harder.

"Whoa!  Why didnít you wake me up earlier?" Ted asked.

"Because you sleep like youíre dead." Deacon answered with a pause on his face, "How come Iíve never met this girlfriend of yours?" He asked with a curious face.

"Because youíve always been doingÖ Whatever it is you do in your room." Ted explained.

"Can I meet the girl who is crazy enough to go out with my brother?" Deacon asked.

Ted left to his room and called Elizabeth.

"Hello?" Joanna answered.

"Hey Joanna.  Is Elizabeth able to talk?" Ted asked.

"Yes, one moment.  By the way, have you seen William?  He is apparently not at his house and I have no clue where he is." Joanna asked.

"Oh, Bill didnít tell you.  He went to go visit a relative or something.  I have no idea which relative, but all I know I that heís in L.A." Ted explained.

"Okay, Thank you, Theodore.  Iíll let you talk to Elizabeth, now." Joanna replied.

"Hello Theodore." Elizabeth greeted as Joanna handed her the phone.

"Hey Elizabeth.  Are you able to go somewhere with me, today?" Ted asked.

"May I ask where this somewhere is?" She asked.

"I have absolutely no idea at the moment, but my brother Deacon never met you before.  So, he wanted to meet you." Ted explained.

"Okay.  Iíll meet you here at the apartment at one oíclock?"

"One oíclock.  Got it." Ted said to remember it.

"Okay Iíll see you then."

"Catch ya later, babe."

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

1:00 P.M.

"So, where are we going again, Deacon?" Ted asked as they arrived at the apartment.

"Itís called a carnival.  Dad never let you go to one, did he?" Deacon asked.

"Yeah, Iíve been to one before.  I just didnít hear you." Ted answered.

"Hi.  Youíre Elizabeth?  Iím Deacon." Deacon greeted as Elizabeth walked up to Ted and Deacon.

"Hi Deacon." Elizabeth greeted and gave Ted a kiss on the cheek.

Deacon made a loud snort of a laugh.

Ted ignored it and walked up to the bus stop with Elizabeth and Deacon.

"Weíre riding the bus?" Deacon asked.

"Does it look like we have a car?" Ted asked.

Deacon didnít say anything and they got on the next bus that came and went to the carnival.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

6:30 P.M.

"Theodore, I canít believe you one all this stuff.  I do think it is rather odd they give away fish as prizes." Elizabeth noted.

"I never thought of it that wayÖ" Ted noted as they walked back to the bus.

As the bus got to Elizabethís apartment she said "It was very nice to meet you Deacon."

"Nice to meet you, too." Deacon said.

"Bye, Elizabeth. Iíll see ya soon." Ted said as he gave her a hug.

"Bye, Theodore.  Call me when Bill gets back and we can return to band rehearsals." She said and hugged him back before leaving back into her apartment.

Ted and Deacon walked back to their house.

"I can see why you like her." Deacon noted with a pause, "But, I still donít get why she likes you."

Ted nudged Deacon and continued walking.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Thursday 7:48 P.M.

"Hello?" Ted said answering his phone.

"Hey Dude." Bill said.

"Oh, Hey Bill!  Howís it going in the mystery place you are at right now?" Ted asked.

"Well, I am back at my house now." Bill said.

"I thought you were gonna be gone for three days." Ted said.

"Well, something came up and I had to come back." Bill explained.

"So, where were you?" Ted asked.

"At my momís house." Bill explained.

"Really?" Ted asked.

"Yep." Bill answered.

"Whyíd you have to come back?" Ted asked.

"I donít know exactly.  How was your day?" Bill asked.

"Pretty resplendent actually." Ted answered.

"Really? I wanna hear what happenedÖ" Bill said.

(  The End  (