This is the original Shooting Schedule, revised February 3, 1987.  During the course of production, changes were inevitably made to the schedule (which are reflected in the call sheets) but this gives you a good idea of how the filming of the movie was approached.

This is how the shooting schedule pages were presented.  We have transcribed the basic information about the dates, locations and scenes schedule to be filmed to give you an idea of the overall plan for filming.  Click on the thumbnails to view full size.

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The script was still undergoing changes at this stage, so the Circle K is referred to as the 7-11 and Zyggie's is still Farrell's, and Captain Logan is referred to intermittently as Captain Wlliams.

Day 1 - February 9
Location: Ext. School Parking Lot (Day)
Scenes: Students chat and walk to class
Bill & Ted get off the bus
Bill & Ted greet the popular group

Location: Ext. School Library Area (Day)
Scenes: Bill and Ted are bummed about failing history
Missy pulls up in the station wagon
Bill asks Missy to drive them to Tedís house

Day 2 - February 10
Location: I/E Bus (Day)
Scenes: Bill and Ted argue over t-shirts or Eddie

Location: Int. School Locker Area (Day)
Scenes: Ted asks Buffy and Jody to go to the prom with him then Bill

Day 3 - February 11
Location: Int. School Classroom (Day)
Scenes: Bill and Ted have a rough time in history
Bill and Ted try to snow Mr. Ryan.  He tells them they are failing

Day 4 - February 12
Location: Ext. Tedís House (Day)
Scenes: They arrive at Tedís house. Tedís father is home.
Ted exits his house
Ted gets into station wagon.  He tells Bill "Dude, we gotta pass"

Location: Int. Tedís House (Day)
Scenes: Tedís father threatens Ted with military school

Day 5 - February 13
Location: Int. Tedís Bedroom (Night)
Scenes: Bill turns custody of Napoleon over to Tedís brother Deacon

Location: Int. Tedís House - Living Room (Night)
Scenes: Capt. Logan wants to talk to Ted - alone
Capt. Logan gets a phone call

Location: I/E Tedís House (Night)
Scenes: Captain Logan wants Ted packed.  Captain Logan exits then Bill come in.  They wonít fail

Day 6 - February 14
Location: Ext. Old West Town (Day)
Scenes: A rough old western town

Location: Ext. Outhouse Row (Day)
Scenes: The phone booth drops out of the sky next to a row of outhouses

Location: Ext. Saloon (Day)
Scenes: Bill and Ted dash for the booth with Billy the Kid

Day 7 - February 16
Location: Int. Saloon (Day)
Scenes: Bill and Ted enter, order beer.
Billy the Kid enters with a bang.
Bill and Ted play cards with Billy the Kid and a group of rough looking dudes
The saloon erupts into a brawl

Day 8 - February 17
Location: Int. Saloon (Day)
Scenes: Bill and Ted watch the fight develop.  Ted is pulled out of his chair and tossed in the air by rustlers
Bill and Ted are tossed through the wall and then pulled back out
Billy the Kid helps the guys out of the wall.  The rustlers have the covered until Bill and Ted give trouble

Day 9 - February 18
Location: Ext. Raging Waters (Day)
Scenes: Napoleon is in line and gets sucked into the park
Napoleon is pushed down the water slide
Napoleon travels down the slide

Day 10 - February 19
Location: Ext. Raging Waters (Day)
Scenes: Napoleon splashes to the bottom. He likes it
Napoleon rides all the slides
Bill and Ted find Napoleon and take him to the car

Day 11 - February 20
Location: Ext. Park Playing Field (Day)
Scenes: Bill and Ted find out that Deacon dumped Napoleon

Location: Int. Farrellís (Night)
Scenes: Deacon, Napoleon, Kerry and Daphne sit down to eat ice cream. Napoleon gets a bib.
Napoleon gets a "I make a pig of myself at Farrellís" button

Day 12 - February 21
Location: Int. Bowling Alley (Night)
Scenes: A bowling ball hits a set of pins
Napoleon bowls with Deacon and his friends. He cheats on his score.  The kids play bowl and ditch
Napoleon is caught be the manager of the bowling alley

Location: Ext. Bowling Alley (Night)
Scenes: The manager throws Napoleon out of the bowling alley.  The kids are gone

Location: Ext. Street Near Bowling Alley (Night)
Scenes: The kids ditch Napoleon

Day 13 - February 23
Location: Ext. Darkness (Day)
Scenes: Bill and Ted make air guitar noises
(Notes: Voice over to be looped or wild tracked)

Location: Ext. Bus Stop (Day)
Scenes: Bill and Ted do air guitar concert as the school bus pulls up

Location: Ext. Street en route to Mall (Day)
Scenes: The station wagon screeches around a corner

Location: Int. / Ext. Convertible en route to Mall (Day)
Scenes: Ted questions Napoleon on his likes and dislikes as far as San Dimas is concerned

Location: Ext. Street by Police Station (to Mall) (Day)
Scenes: The station wagon screeches past the police station

Day 14 - February 24
Location: Ext. Billís House - Backyard (Day)
Scenes: Missy listens to her Walkman while she waters the yard
Everyone falls out of the sky into the backyard
Missy turns around as Bill and Ted fall into frame followed by the phone booth
Missy notices the booth then the rest of the group.  She tells Bill he must do his chores before she can take them anywhere

Day 15 - February 25
Location: Ext. Billís House (Day)
Scenes: Establishing shot of Billís house

Location: Ext. Billís House - Driveway (Day)
Scenes: The whole group gets into the convertible

Location: Int. Billís House (Day)
Scenes: Bill talks to his father about their bad day but Mr. Smith isnít listening

Day 16 - February 26
Location: Int. Billís Bedroom (Night)
Scenes: Bill and Ted study hard. Missy brings them some uneatable food.  Mr. Smith gives them some money to buy dinner

Location: Int. Billís House - Hallway (Night)
Scenes: Bill and Ted leave as Billís bedroom door closes behind them

Location: Int. Billís House - Stairway (Night)
Scenes: Ted tells Bill his dad is getting buffed out in Billís own room

Day 17 - February 27
Location: Int. Billís Houe - Living Room (Day)
Scenes: Freud vacuums the living room
Freud gets the vacuum stuck on his beard

Location: Billís House - Window (Day)
Scenes: Beethoven cleans the window

Location: Int. Billís House - Kitchen (Day)
Scenes: Ted and Joan of Arc do the dishes
Bill gathers Joan and heads for the laundry room

Location: Int. Billís House - Laundry Room (Day)
Scenes: Ted helps Lincoln while Genghis Khan irons for Socrates
The whole group gathers. The chores are done.
Genghis Khan irons Socrates toga

Day 18 - February 28
Location: Ext. Police Station (Day)
Scenes: Everyone is in jail. The guys find the keys and go back inside.
Bill asks Missy to pull around the back

Day 19 - March 2
Location: Int. Police Station (Day)
Scenes: Captain Williams gets a call
Joan of Arc, Socrates and Beethoven are being processed
The historical figures are booked

Location: Int. Police Station - Questioning Room (Day)
Scenes: Officer James processes Abraham Lincoln

Location: Int. Police Station - Desk (Day)
Scenes: Freud questions an officer about his mother

Location: Int. Police Station - Line Up Room (Day)
Scenes: Genghis Khan is identified

Location: Int. Police Station - Front Room (Day)
Scenes: Captain Williams tries question Billy the Kid

Location: Ext. Police Station (Day)
Scenes: They arrive, Ted goes inside, Bill scopes the place

Day 20 - March 3
Location: Int. Police Station (Day)
Scenes: Ted tries to talk to his father.  No go
Bill and Ted decide to use tape recorders to get past Capt. Williams
Capt. Williams chases down the three tape recorders

Location: Int. Police Station - Back Room (Day)
Scenes: Bill and Ted read the note they have left for themselves and slip by Officer Logan

CONTINUE TO DAYS 21 - 42 . . .