The Ninetendo Entertainment System (NES for short) was the first really big home video game format to hit the market after Atari originally broke that ground in the late 80's.  As Mario Bros. was taking the living rooms of the world by storm, this version of a Bill & Ted game was introduced.  It was likewise based on the first movie adventure of the Two Great Ones and entails the dudes trying to locate the historical dudes and babes for their final report (which is actually more of a concert).  Along the way photographic images of the dudes, historical people and Rufus pop up on the bottom of the screen to converse via cartoon talk balloons to lead the characters in the right direction.  Towns and areas needed to be searched for the historical people, and items such as firecrackers (?) and pudding cups could be collected to help ward off or appease foes (angry townspeople).  Acting as either Bill or Ted the player would need to first locate the historical figure then find the item they required, which meant going back out and about the particular time period to locate that item.  Once all the characters were found and given their items the dudes would be able to perform their most outstanding concert (the concert would get a little more elaborate as each level is completed). 


I'll admit I have not played this game in some time, but I recall it being quite laborious and time consuming for a number of reasons.  First it was somewhat hard to control the characters.  They could only walk along specified paths and areas, and a lot of jumping (from rock to rock, one field to another, over fences, etc.) needed to be done to get around.  If you happened to jump into an area you were not allowed to traverse, the character would fall flat on his butt with a loud noise.  And this happened a lot . . . an awful lot.  The set ups of the time periods were all similar and the repetition was a bit boring.  I also seem to recall an endless soundtrack of annoying music that one would eventually wish to turn down (if not off).  The most exciting parts of the game by far were the horse riding and river rafting segments, but those were infrequent and far too short.  The graphics left a lot to be desired . . . the characters are faceless, short and squat, and the captioned conversations get a bit boring as well.  Not completely horrible but still not one of the better Nintendo games ever made, unfortunately.  There was a mini-poster included in the packaging, but it's also a rather blatant advertisement for Butterfingers (which is a most excellent candy bar, by the way).

Update 2/14/04!

Vekmen88 was most excellent in sending us a link to a totally non-heinous and helpful FAQ for this game!  Written by Wilson Lau it's a must for anyone who has lost their manual, wants to read a complete overview of the game or needs tips and hints to help them get through it!

Click here to visit the FAQ!

Update 7/15/13!

Ever wondered why we gave this game such a bad review?  Well, The Angry Video Game Nerd can explain it better than we can (note: contains NSFW language!)