Remember your first Game Boy?  Addictive little things, weren't they?  In addition to their NES game, Nintendo also released a Game Boy version of Bill & Ted.  Fortunately the game was entirely original and completely revamped from the previous incarnation.  Loosely based on both Excellent Adventure and Bogus Journey, this game involved ten levels with five different levels within each, making 50 levels of play altogether.  Each one offers enough of a challenge to be fun but not so tough it can't be done.  Historical dudes are both good and bad in this game, and Death even crops up to pose a few difficulties!

**Not bad!**

The graphics are nothing special (the little character which is supposed to be Ted . . . or is it Bill . . . or is it a duck with an Elvis hairdo?) but this is a much more challenging and entertaining game than the NES one.  This was good for all ages, made for quite a few enjoyable hours of fun staring at the tiny, yellow and grayish screen.

You can find the complete Gameboy Instruction Pamphlet by clicking here!