Atari released a system they dubbed Lynx in the early 90's which was apparently intended to be a full-color rival to Nintendo's Game Boy.  Why it never caught on is unclear, except perhaps at the time of its introduction it was a bit pricier than other systems (the games were also quite a bit more expensive).  But video game aficionados would likely have preferred the color graphics and much more challenging play this nifty little system had to offer!  Bill & Ted were given their own game on this system as well, and it is by far the most difficult and most challenging of the lot.  Again the basic idea of the dudes needing to collect historical figures is brought into play, but the ultimate goal of the game was to save the Princess Babes from the Grim Reaper and the depths of Hades.  The dudes collect notes and various items they must give to historical personages to navigate the various levels.  Many of the levels include challenges which not only require dexterity of fingers but also a bit of brain work to figure out how they are supposed to get through.  This game was definitely made to appeal to the real avid video game player and remains about the best of the lot.


While being challenging (if not downright difficult at times) this game had some great graphics and an awesome color handheld system to support it.  The rules were printed in a comic book format on the back of a poster of Bill & Ted, which is way cool.  It's a shame Atari Lynx never seemed to catch on, as more Bill & Ted fans probably would have liked having a chance to play this game themselves.

Subnote added 10/9/03 - Thanks to William for letting us know a website is currently selling this video game.  We don't know anything about this company, but if you're interested in obtaining a copy of the Atari Lynx B&T game it might be worth a try:  AtariAge (Update: we don't see the game for sale on this site any more, but it still contains lots of information of interest to classic video gamers!)