Head Knockers and Bobble Head figures have recently seen a HUGE resurgence in popularity, and companies like NECA are quick to make available the most funky, fashionable and popular characters in this unique format, so we should be wildly happy that none other than our own Ted "Theodore" Logan has been thus immortalized in Head Knocker fashion.  Based on Ted from Excellent Adventure, this figure is made completely of painted resin and comes in a box which features the Two Great Ones on their phone booth.  We're not sure just how long this has been out on the market, but yours truly has seen it for sale in Suncoast for some time!  (Note: We believe these were made sometime around 2002.)

**Where's Bill!!??**

Honestly, that's our only complaint!  It seems beyond belief that a company would think to put out a Ted Head Knocker and not a Bill one!  We're hoping that one day NECA will see the error of their ways and partner Ted up with a Bill.  Honestly, that's the *only* reason this author didn't buy one!