There have been many different releases of the Excellent Adventure and Bogus Journey soundtracks in various forms.  We don't even remotely have a complete list of all the released versions as well as those overseas, so if anyone can help out with scans or information about any releases not listed, please let us know!


Excellent Adventure soundtrack - original album released by A&M Records on vinyl.


Excellent Adventure soundtrack - original CD release by A&M Records.


Bogus Journey soundtrack - original CD release by Interscope Records.


You should be able to find copies of both the Excellent Adventure and Bogus Journey soundtrack CDs
at and through other online music sellers.

The outstanding Nick of London also sent us some stellar scans of a rare 12" Bogus Journey picture disc from 1991 published by EastWest records!  Check out these pics, babes and dudes!!!


And the non-heinous inserts, which include the Most Excellent Phrasebook:

Many thanks, Nick, for sharing this excellent part of your B&T collection with us!!!