Created by Dave Sleep and Joe Morsman for Widebeam Entertainment, Bill & Ted's Excellent Sound Board was released in 2010 as an app for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.  Strictly for amusement purposes, the sound board includes sound clips and photos from Excellent Adventure, focusing on the characters of Bill, Ted and Rufus.  There are also wallpapers and ringtones available to download to your phones as well as an air guitar section where you can use your mobile device to show your air guitar exuberance and not have to make that strange noise with your mouth!

**Not bad!**

Granted there isn't a whole lot to this app, but for what it does have it's a lot of fun!  The photos and artwork are outstanding, and while the sound clips are limited to only three characters you will find a good amount of classic sayings here.  Probably the biggest omission was the use of any of the original soundtrack music for the ringtones (which are also sayings by Bill, Ted and Rufus) but the creators were limited in what they had to work with.  All in all, for 99 cents you can't go wrong, and hopefully one day we may see a sound board for Bogus Journey released as well!

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