In the Fall of 1991, Marvel Comics made a most outstanding move . . . they chose outlandish and creative cartoonist / writer Evan Dorkin the job of adapting Bill & Ted to their comic pages.  Instead of a run-of-the-mill comic book based on the animated Bill & Ted series, fans were treated to a wildly twisted and bizarre but incredibly inventive original work!  While the first comic was a fairly straightforward adaptation of Bogus Journey (which followed the plot of the original film before key scenes were omitted!), Evan made the following year's worth of comic books all his own.  Having never seen either Excellent Adventure or Bogus Journey before working on the comics, Evan was able to create his own version of the Bill & Ted universe, which was a cornucopia of artistic insanity and hilarity not typically seen in movie-related comics.

**Totally Bodacious!!**

Die-hard fans might lament the fact that Bill & Ted are not drawn in a particularly "cute" fashion in these comics, but that would be missing the point.  Without the benefit of having seen the movies, Evan Dorkin somehow managed to capture the spirit and energy of the characters while keeping the humor in a somewhat darker vein (closer to the style seen in Bogus Journey.)  The bottom line is these books are downright funny, and the art is chuck-full of wild details which can keep you coming back and discovering something new for repeated readings.  Probably one of the better (if not the most unique) merchandise tie-ins the comics world has ever seen!

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