Spencer J sent us this photo of himself dressed as Ted "Theodore" Logan!
"This was thrown together in two hours as this was done very last minute.
Despite missing the watch and bracelet and having the wrong shoes I think it came out pretty good!"
We totally agree, Spencer!

Chrissy (as Bill) and her husband Cory (as Ted) shared these totally outstanding
Bogus Journey costume photos from Halloween 2014 with us!
Stellar job, and a most resplendent married couple!!!


The totally resplendent Kelly (as Ted) and Heidi (as Bill) sent us
photos of their outstanding costumes!  Most excellent!!!


After being told he looks like Keanu from Bill & Ted his whole life, Josh dude
took the plunge and totally dressed as Ted!  It was time, dude!  Excellent!

Liz (as Bill) and Jaz (as Ted) totally rocked as Bill and Ted at the Comikaze Expo held at
the LA Convention Center this past weekend, and for Halloween as well!  Most outstanding!!!

The babes and dudes which took part in Historical Jeopardy: An Excellent Game can be seen below in their
resplendent costumes!  You can read more about this most unprecedented event on their
Fans Gallery Page!

Emily (as Ted) and her excellent best bud Rosie (as Bill) strike a classic
pose as The Two Great Ones!  And then Emily goes solo for a great Ted shot!
Most outstanding job, babes!!!

Jason and his wife Nancy look most resplendent in these costumes they made (using tips
from our website) back in 2010!  Thanks for sharing this most outstanding photo with us!!

Gio dude poses with his outstanding Ted costume, then is joined by
his compadre Cameron as Bill!  Outstanding costumes, dudes!

Zack dude looks totally resplendent dressed as Bill S. Preston, Esq.!

Anthony (as Bill) and Brian (as Ted) totally partied on this Halloween
in their most resplendent Wyld Stallyns gear!  Outstanding!!!

Edmundo (as Bill) and Cole (as Ted) shared an exuberant air guitar this Halloween
as they struck a classic Wyld Stallyns pose!  Most non-non-NON-heinous, dudes!!

Are these the tiniest incarnations of Bill & Ted ever??  These most adorable twins
look most resplendent as Bill & Ted . . . outstanding toddlers, totally!!!!!

Allen (as Ted) and Persilia (as Bill) partied on this Halloween as
The Two Great Ones!  And they even ran into a couple of Billy the Kids
during their adventures (aka Levi and Tara!)  Not bad!!!

Brock (as Bill) and Eric (as Ted) totally show off their outstanding Halloween
costumes from 2010!  Outstanding job on your outfits, excellent dudes!!!

Jakk (as Ted) and Jenny (as Bill) pose with two of the actors from the
Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights show in Orlando, Florida!  It's not unusual
to find more than one team of Bill & Ted together, though, isn't that true, babes and dudes?

Steven, aka Creativeguy, aka Creativedude, has given us a whole tutorial on how to put together
Ted "Theodore" Logan's costume from Excellent Adventure, and you can read all about it
on his Fans Gallery Page!  Outstanding cosplay, dude!!

Joe and Matt had a totally excellent idea for Halloween 2010 . . . they decided to
dress as the *future* Bill & Ted!  How excellent is that??  Their costumes are
totally inspiring!  Thanks so much for sharing, dudes!!

Erin (as Bill) and Teri (as Ted) are from Ontario, Canada, and both look
most resplendent in their respective costumes!  Excellent!

Zeldaartist, who has been sharing a lot of her artwork with us at this site, also sent in
photos of herself in the Bill costume she improvised for Halloween this year!  Excellent!!!

The outstanding Caiti (as Ted) and her bodacious compadre Julia (as Bill) totally Party On as the
Two Great Ones for Halloween 2010!  Excellent job, babes!!!

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