Historical Jeopardy: An Excellent Game

Jeffrey Wade was totally excellent in letting us know about a most unprecedented event that was part of the 9th Annual "Military History Fest" at the Pheasant Run Resort in St. Charles, Illinois on February 1, 2013.  The Jeopardy-style game featured participants dressed as various character from the Bill & Ted movies.  Even the audience was dressed in historical garb (a normal part of the event and not just connected with the Bill & Ted theme!)  Truly this must have been a totally non-non-non-heinous happening!  Here are just some of the photos which Jeffrey sent us showing the preparations:

These coins were made to use in the game!

The phone booth in progress . . . the characters entered and exited the stage through the booth!  Universal Studios, eat your heart out!

Where to put the time machine antenna device while the booth is being made?  This location seems as apt as any (and it's in the parking lot of the Circle K!)

There was some discussion on the Facebook group as to exactly what the thing is that Rufus wears on the lapel of his coat in Excellent Adventure.  Jeffrey finally improvised his own creation to do the job!

Jeffrey dude's final costume for Rufus!  Bodacious indeed!!!!

The big day and the game is underway!!

Death helps to keep the crowd entertained!

Kevin Williams submitted these outstanding photos of the event (and he even used the How to? pages on this site to create his Ted costume!  Most outstanding!)

Thanks for sharing these photos and the information about this excellent event, Jeffrey and Kevin!!

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