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Birthday: October 26, 1942
Birthplace: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Updated Biography

Undoubtedly Chelcie Ross has delivered the three word exclamation "Oh!  Fresh fudge!" better than any actor in film history.  His portrayal as the militaristic madman Colonel Oates, the stuff of Ted's worst nightmares, is classic and rather ironic considering that Chelcie Ross grew up in a military family and has a distinguished military record himself.

Before his military career Chelcie Ross had entered the field of acting while attending Southwest Texas State University where he appeared as the lead in a stage production of King Lear in his senior year.  After his military service he returned to acting and began to win roles in films.  His first feature film appearance was in Keep My Grave Open.  He later appeared in three major sports-oriented films: Hoosiers, Major League and Rudy.

Other notable films featuring this versatile actor include The Untouchables, Above the Law, The Package, The Last Boy Scout, Basic Instinct, Chain Reaction (which starred Keanu Reeves), My Best Friend's Wedding, Primary Colors, The Gift (also with Keanu Reeves) and The Majestic.

Television appearances by Chelcie Ross include Tales From the Crypt, Dallas, Equal Justice, Chicago Hope, Judging Amy, King of the Hill, The Sopranos, Everybody Loves Raymond, Cold Case, JAG and Prison Break.  In 2007 he appeared in episodes of My Name is Earl.

Chelcie appeared in the 2006 TV movie A Little Thing Called Murder and appeared in the 2008 film, The Express.  In 2009, he co-starred in the movies The Strip, Horsemen, Drag Me to Hell and Formosa Betrayed.  He also appeared in the television series The Beast and Grey's Anatomy and had a recurring role as Connie in Mad Men.

Most recently Chelcie Ross has appeared in the films The Dilemma, Fertile Ground and The Last Rites of Joe May.  He's made appearances in the TV series CSI: Miami and The Chicago Code and is also slated to appear in Trouble with the Curve and an untitled Ramin Bahrani film.  He is also an actor with the National Theatre, having appeared in over 80 plays in Chicago and Dallas, Texas.

Last updated: 4/6/12

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